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‘Welcome to our church’ video is cause for some debate…


This video is one of those that has garnered a LOT of comments. I love it when people leave comments on videos. It gives an interesting insight into how someone used the video in the church, or simply an opinion on the video. This particular video has a broad spectrum of comment types. The funny thing is for some reason this particular video has sparked a theological debate in the comment thread. Some people think the video is too “soft” and doesn’t offer a salvation message. Others respond thinking that it is just a welcome video, it is the pastor’s job to do the inviting… and on and on…

Kent and I had some fun reading some of these comments in our latest Video Podcast (Episode 37). If you watched you probably noticed my reaction to the absolutely ridiculous comments (in my opinion, of course) that this video is lacking a message of “hell.” I am sorry, but I just cannot get on board with that idea in a “Welcome Video.” One commenter even had the nerve to say that Jesus never came to offer a “full life” but he came to save us from hell only. Really? Seriously? Do people really believe that?

(See more on this video HERE)



A little fun, flashback to our first marketing campaign…

I ran across these ads we did way back in 2005 when WHM launched. I got a good laugh. I still think they are pretty good, if a little bit outdated… Enjoy.




Bonus… A prize will be awarded if anyone can name premise of the 4th ad that I left off this list. Leave your answer in the comments below. I’ll post the 4th one next week.


Using Media To Create Discussion

“With so much drama in the LBC, it’s kinda…”

Recently, it seems that there is a lot of discussion and debate out there. Here at Worship House we had a little saga concerning our giving away, “Are You Amazed. Floodgate, then, comes out with “Doubter’s Confession,” which created some discussion. And a few weeks ago, there was the group that bashed Christianity Today”s Jeffrey Overstreet for having an opinion about “Christian” media.

Yesterday, one of my favorite companies, 37signals, launched Highrise. Their blog post about the launch had over 135 comments last I checked, most complaining about the free version that is offered… ironic.
Gordon McDonald raises some great questions in his post “2008 Questions,” creating quite the stir on Leadership’s blog Out of Ur.

I am tempted to encourage everyone to just get along, but to be honest, I kind of like all the debate. Does debate have its place in church? Are people mature enough to discuss issues and think on a deep level and still get along, respecting each other. And finally, how can media play a part in these discussions?

Earlier this morning, I watched a great film by 18Doughty Street that Phil Cooke blogged about and it raises some good questions. Are there videos like this that could be created (in love) pushing tough issues to the forefront? What are those issues? What would those videos look like?
Argue nicely…


A Sunday Morning Blooper

We know there are some worship pastors out there that will enjoy this audio clip. (Hit the play arrow right below the “Phreaky Phriday: Holy is the…” title)

You gotta hate it when the capo is on the wrong fret. But, there is a lesson here… don’t ever give up. If it doesn’t fit, force it.



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