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Why Being Bold Trumps Being Nervous

As I travel leading family concerts I always have kids ask me if I get nervous singing on stage. All I ever wanted to do as a kid was sing. I started singing solos on stage as an elementary student. I’ve been recording and doing concerts professionally for 19 years…
April 27, 2016

Boys Can Sing??? Boys Can Sing!!!

One of the most frequently asked questions to me is “how do I get the boys to participate in worship?”. It seems to be an area that way too many churches struggle with. It can be for a variety of reasons which we’ll explore. A few years ago I was…
March 21, 2016

Connecting Families through Hymns and Worship

I’ll never forget the response I got from a Mother after I had started singing the chorus of “How Great Is Our God” in our preschool ministry. This mom was floored when she heard her two year old singing this song that she knew from “big church.” I realized right…
March 9, 2016

Raising This Generation To Be Worshippers

Have you ever experienced a group of kids worshipping? I mean really worshipping: eyes closed, hands lifted, voices singing loud and strong. I truly believe it is one of the sweetest sounds you could ever hear in this whole world. I know on many occasions I have been moved to…
January 18, 2016