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3 Fonts To Communicate Better

Every year there are popular trends that emerge in design that change the way we communicate. These trends make communication easier and clearer as we share the message of God to millions through different platforms including websites, handouts, and through lyrics or scriptures on a screen. However, it’s not just about the words we use... but the font we…
April 1, 2015
Church Media


This post is written by artist, Corey Voss. To download the song and the song chart for FREE visit Christian Song Charts! PRAISE THE KING was written by Michael Farren, Dustin Smith, Michael Bryce Jr., and myself.  This song is a powerful anthem for the Church to sing.  This lyric and melody…
March 25, 2015

Signs of the Time: Say More

Aesthetic communication is all around us.  Just so we’re on the same page, aesthetic communication is communication without the articulation of words.  This style of communication can include, but not be limited by, theatre, crafts, art, painting, sculpture, dance, graphic design, special design and staging. As you can see, there is…
March 4, 2015

Final Thoughts to Communicate Better

Well, what an adventure we’ve partaken.  I hope these tips have been helpful over the past two weeks.  If you haven’t read week one, or two—feel free to click the links to catch-up.   I love communicating and casting vision.  If you’re like me, you get extremely excited at the opportunity…
February 25, 2015