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Say it, Show it, Be it: Mission Statements

I never thought mission and vision statements were that important until I came across organizations that didn’t know why they even existed. This is a common shortcoming of the least likely places including the church. The church should be the last place to be without vision or mission, but sadly,…
May 22, 2015

3 Next Kidmin Steps For After Easter

Each year we take so much time planning our Easter services to make sure we are sharing the right message, singing the right songs, and watching the right videos. We see kids making commitments to Jesus for the very first time and know that every minute of our Easter planning was worth it!…
April 14, 2015


Here are three apps, which every church should be using, to harness social media and hip graphics. WordSwag I’m kind of showing my cards here, but most of the images in my previous blog posts are created using WordSwag. Don’t get me wrong, we have an amazing Graphic Designer here…
April 10, 2015