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How Can Yelp Help?

If you’ve ever found yourself in an unfamiliar place wanting to find the best pizza in town or the best hot wings or the best family-friendly dining, Yelp requires no introduction. You can’t google “best breakfast tacos in Richmond” and not be smacked with multiple results from the online community…
July 31, 2015

Harness Your Brand

Good news, I’ve been approved as a Church Planter with the Evangelical Covenant Church.  I’m so excited about the future of creating a space for people to be known and loved, a place where people have a seat at the table regardless of who they are, or where they’ve been.  Someone…
July 24, 2015

Five Articles To Improve Your Leadership

There is no shortage of articles on how to lead effectively in just about every situation imaginable. So here are 5 articles that can improve your leadership and how it can impact your ministry. My Greatest Struggle: Delegating 4 Common Struggles To Delegating Effectively by Download Youth Ministry Definitely one of…
July 17, 2015

Make your Sermon “POP”

I was having a conversation with my friend last night about the power of pop music. Pop music has an uncanny way of making its way into our brains and sticking there for a long, long time.  You don’t even have to know all the lyrics, you just have to…
June 25, 2015
Church Media

4 Tips for a Better Church Media Resume

Two of the fastest growing areas of ministry within the Church are media and technology. This opens the door for those of us who may not have considered full-time ministry before to see ways that we may be able to serve the Kingdom through the unique gifting God has given…
June 1, 2015