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Satan Has Never Created Anything!

I realized something a few months ago as I was writing my latest book, Creative Potential: Principles for Unleashing Your God-Given Calling that I had never thought of before: Satan has never created anything. Think about it. God created the entire world, Genesis tells us that he made every creature…
February 21, 2018

Simple and Effective ProPresenter Hot Key System

If you use a presentation software that allows you to assign hot keys or keyboard shortcuts, I would highly recommend adopting this strategy. The volunteers at our church have enjoyed this system and allows us to be flexible whenever we have a change in order in the middle of a…
May 22, 2014
Church Media

Why I Hate the Top 10 List

Instead of media becoming the storytelling device that it can be, we allow it to just be a “background” on the slides or lyrics we display. This thinking changes the value we place on the media we use in our worship environments.
April 2, 2014