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Hidden Gem: “Creation vs. Evolution: Fossil Faith”

Hey everyone!  I’m Mo, and for the foreseeable future, I’m going to be doing a weekly post on the WorshipHouse Blog.  In my time here at WHM, I’ve noticed how much everyone likes the latest and greatest of our church media offerings. While we love that you are able to use the outstanding, new pieces that our producers continue to create, there are many solid videos that have been on our site for a while and seem to have become buried, out of plain sight.  My goal each week is to highlight one of these “hidden gems” in order to give you and your church even more quality resource ideas and to encourage you to do a little digging yourself.

This week, I want to start off with a mini-movie from The Veracity Project, entitled Creation vs. Evolution: Fossil Faith.


In general, I prefer to steer clear of parodies, especially ones that have been done several times.  While clearly written and produced in the same style as the Mac vs. PC commercials, I found this mini-movie to be smart, funny and even somewhat fresh.  I know many people have attempted this type of video, but I think because of the high production value, quality script and good acting, all three mini-movies in this series still work quite well.  They take a light-hearted approach to a spiritually and intellectually deep topic.  Any one of these three videos (or all three, if you’re so inclined) would work very well as a short intro to a sermon on creation and evolution.

Take a look at Creation vs. Evolution: Fossil Faith and let me know what you think. While you’re at it, be sure to check out all the other media that The Veracity Project has to offer.

See you next week!

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Customer Comment of the Week

Hey Everyone!  This week for my customer comment of the week, I’ve picked Chuck Vickers’ comment about the mini-movie Lean In by Floodgate.  Chuck said:

Love it! Perfect for a series on “How to go to Church”!

I liked Chuck’s comment because I hadn’t thought about using this video for that type of topic at all.  What topic do you think this unusual mini-movie would be good for?

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Customer comment of the week

Hi Everyone!  This week for my customer comment of the week, I have picked Pastor Joe’s comment on the mini-movie “Coffee with Jesus“.  Joe said:

Thumbs up! Too good to just show it on the screen. We are planning to acted out ourselves. Thanks for the message and inspiration!

I thought this was such an interesting approach to using this video.  Have any of you ever acted out a mini-movie instead of showing it??

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