Video Blog: Phobias

Dale and Luke share some of their very own and very real (not fake at all) phobias. They also talk about the new mini-movie Fear by Central Films that got them thinking about phobias and fear in the first place.

If you missed the recent blog entry on Fear by Marissa, check it out here!


What will you do to change your world?

“What will you do to change your world?” Seriously, what will you do to change your world? It’s a simple question.

Prolifik (teamed with Willow Creek) actually shipped a bunch of Flip cameras all over the world asking this exact question. As you can see, they got a lot of really great responses from basically everywhere.

I remember the first time I saw “I Will” and the thoughts and feelings that surfaced while watching it. For me, seeing people from all over the world answer this question is both humbling and exciting. My favorite videos are videos that show the world and how God is working through the people covering it. So, naturally, I was immediately drawn to this video. If you’re looking for a great video to inspire and challenge your church to reflect on what they are doing to change their world, then look no further. This video will do just that!

We would love to hear your answer to this question. So, what will you do to change your world?