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21 Popular Young Adult Ministry Ideas & Activities 

Ministering to young adults may seem daunting. After all, young adults can range from 18-30 years old, which makes things challenging when you are trying to find popular young adult ministry ideas and activities for everyone to participate in. But young adults can also be some of the most enthusiastic…
May 15, 2024
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How to Recruit Worship Team Members

Recruiting worship team members usually comes with being a worship leader in a local church. If you are newer at leading worship and haven’t encountered this process yet, you can be sure you will! Recruiting may be easy for some worship leaders with more naturally outgoing personalities. For others who…
March 4, 2024
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Things Your Church Social Posts Should Do

Social media plays a very significant role in our world today. Some would even say that if you don’t exist on social media, you don’t exist at all. I know, I know. That’s extreme, but it speaks to the importance of social media. According to a recent study, people spend…
February 15, 2024