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Creating Church Diversity in Your Worship

8 Steps to Add Church Diversity Right Now When I think about Heaven, I think about the worship. We will all be together, worshipping in unity and singing, “Holy, holy, holy.” There will be no racial divides, generational divides, or gender divides. So, how do we bring the kingdom of…
September 28, 2023
Church Media

5 Visitor Gift Ideas for Churches

Creative Gifts That Are Not Coffee Mugs or Pens Every church will experience new visitors and guests attending their weekend services throughout the year. Even though the church doesn't only exist for first-time guests, it's essential to do everything in your power to ensure visitors have a great experience so…
September 26, 2023
Church Media

Your Behind-the-Scenes Look at “The Cross”

This powerful and reflective mini-movie, The Cross, made in collaboration with Media That Matters, is the perfect illustration of the symbol of the cross and what it represents for us believers. Historically speaking, the cross was an ancient symbol of fear. A place for crucifixion. A weapon. One of the…
March 21, 2023