Paul Baloche


Authors: Paul Baloche, Meredith Andrews


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Description: Split track for the song "More Than I Deserve" by Paul Baloche from his 2016 album "Your Mercy." Purchase the individual split-track or the entire album.

Song Lyrics

I am covered by Your blood
I'm known by You and loved
With nothing left to prove or hide
By Your grace I am redeemed, and my identity
Is knowing that I am Your child,
I am grateful to be called Your child

Oh, what a gift You gave, oh, what a price You paid:
More than I deserve, more than I deserve.
Your constant faithfulness, Your ev'ry promise is
More than I deserve, more than I deserve.

Calming ev'ry hidden fear
What a selfless sacrifice, the love that gave me life
O Lamb of God, You've brought me here

More than all, more than all the riches of this world.
More than all, more than all the treasures I could hold.

And no eye has ever seen, no ear has ever heard
The glory that will be revealed
Ev'ry tear is wiped away, no sorrow will remain
The kingdoms of the earth will kneel,
for the Kingdom of our God is here


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