Paul Baloche


Authors: Paul Baloche, Aaron Shust, Fanny Crosby


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Description: Split track for the song "God Evermore" by Paul Baloche from his 2016 album "Your Mercy." Purchase the individual split-track or the entire album. Purchase the individual split-track or Your Mercy - Full Album

Song Lyrics
Light of eternity, Ancient of Days
Glorious in holiness, worthy of praise
Wonderful Counselor, we will adore
You have created us, God evermore

We adore You, we adore You
Lifting praises to God evermore
Hallelujah, for the Father's love.
Hallelujah, God evermore
Hallelujah, God evermore. God evermore

Lord of the infinite, Author of time
Earth and the heavens sing Your grand design
Angels in worship rejoice and proclaim
You are the Holy One, great is Your name

Waves of the ocean deep bend to Your will
With Your commanding voice storms become still
All will acknowledge You, all will proclaim
You are the King of kings, great is Your name

Hallelujah, God evermore. God evermore
God evermore. God evermore


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