Greg Sykes

Integrity Music

Authors: Don Poythress, Steve Merkel, Greg Sykes


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Description: From the album, "i am n" comes the song "We Stand As One" by Greg Sykes. All proceeds go to support the persecuted church in the Middle East. More information can be found at www.i-am-n.com. Download Includes: full, instrumental, and click versions.

Song Lyrics:

In this world we will face tribulation
But You promise You'll be right here with us
Every tear and every cry
Every prayer is precious in Your sight

Nothing can separate us
From the love of Jesus
If our God is for us
We are not alone
Nothing can separate us
From the love of Jesus
What can stand against us
When we stand as one!

When we hurt, we all hurt as one together
When we pray in Your name
We find strength together
We join hands, join our hearts
Our God is with us and He won't let us go!

One Bride, one body
One voice, one heartbeat
One name high above all others
Jesus, only Jesus


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