All Sons & Daughters


Authors: Leslie Jordan, David Leonard, Fanny Crosby, Alli Rogers


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Description: From the album, "Fanny Crosby Hymns" comes the song We Are Waiting by All Sons & Daughters Includes an original version, original key without background vocals, low key without background vocals, high key with background vocals and a high key without background vocals.

Song Lyrics:

We are waiting, we are trusting
We are longing for Your blessings, Lord
And our faith is firmly anchored
On Your never-changing Word

Spirit fall down, fill our souls now

Lord, we gather in Your name
Your power
All Your promises we claim together
Bind us with grace
The body of Christ
All for Your presence we wait

We are waiting we are trusting
We are longing, Lord descend
Let a flame of love be kindled
While before Your throne we bend

We are waiting, we are trusting
We are longing, Lord revive
Death is fading, hope is rising
In Your Spirit we’re alive


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