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Description: Passion [Worship Trax] by Alvin Slaughter. Includes an original version, original key with background vocals, original key without background vocals, and a high and low key versions.

Chorus 1
This is my passion telling the world about Jesus
I sing of His power to heal us
Living within His care
This is my passion shouting aloud
Of His goodness
How He gives beauty for ashes
Making His glory known

I want to tell the reason
Why Christ came to the earth
Tell the man the woman boy and girl
I want to tell them why He sacrificed
Tell them why for us He paid the price

I want to show them that
He came that we may see
Show them that He knows what's best for me
Show them how I came to know this man
How His word contains
The master plan the master plan

The one I live for my life He died for
Silver and gold could never pay
The price of the ransom paid for me
My morning sunshine my anchor and lifeline
My living word my all and all I worship You

This is my passion


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