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Description: Experience the nativity like you've never experienced it before! This fresh and imaginative re-telling of the nativity set in modern times will grab your congregation and pull them in to the greatest story ever told. Part 1 introduces Mary and Joseph as they suffer scorn from their peers and desperately search for a "room in the inn." Part 2 shows us two average working men (the shepherds) receiving the shock of their lives when they are visited by the angelic host proclaiming Jesus' arrival. Part 3 portrays the glorious birth of our savior into meager surroundings and desperate times. Threaded throughout the story are the ramblings of a religious pundit, the prophet Marty, who spouts off his misplaced predictions about who the Messiah will be, what He will do, and to whom He will reveal himself. We're reminded that God's plan is far greater - and far more unexpected - than we could ever imagine. Show the entire film at once or take the time to teach between each part--whatever works best for your congregation. This package includes three individual segments and one full-length version for your convenience.


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