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Description: blessed are the visionaries, who agreed to My foresight, and kept eyes for this day; the yet-to-be has been their company.blessed is the light-bearer, the host who agreed to My Spirit, who carried My Light in darkness; we will birth together, and our child will carry My torch.blessed are those who serve with wisdom, who midwife My coming and witness hope as it crowns; they will be the first to see His radiance.blessed are those who gift their hearts with tenderness and joy; I will open them each day, and fill them to give again: blessed are those who love blessed are those who host the poor blessed are those with arms for children blessed are those who are meek and mild blessed are those who seek My guidance blessed are those who awaken to life blessed are those oblivious to hate blessed are those who move with Me blessed are those who know Me... and those who don't.My Light is gentle but strong, it covers My people, settles and secures them. because they ache to receive Me and I long to liberate them from fear. Warm the blankets, open your arms, prepare your hearts, the Messiah has come!Benediction by Kelly Hall. Music by The Brilliance


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