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Easter Store is now officially open!

What a week. Over the last 7 days we’ve had lots going on with our presence at Reach and NRB and the launching of our Easter store. There is a lot of great resources for you to check out this Easter season and more on the way as soon as they’re released!


New producer: Churches!

At the top right of our home page is a pull-down box where all our producers are listed. One is listed as “Independents“, which will take you to all our Independent producers.

Just added is the name: Churches, which will take you to our new section of churches that are producing amazing media.

What we look for: Media that is high quality, innovative and universal – meaning: we can’t use something that is specific to your church. BUT, if you have something that meets the above qualifications, send it to me (

Today the REACH Conference kicks off here in Dallas, TX. WorshipHouse is sponsoring the lounge for REACH and NRB, so several of us will hanging out there throughout the conference. If you’re attending REACH or NRB, stop by and say “hello”!


Want some candy?

WorshipHouse is excited to welcome to the store. Check out their new DVD – Sermon Candy, Volume 1.

* Greg’s pick: “In the Valley” – Real, authentic, true life… we need more sermon openers like this. I don’t want to spoil it for you, so watch it and see if you can figure out why it’s titled “In the Valley”.


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