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Film Festival

Buzz Film Festival: Compelling them to come in with Film
The Buzz film festival will provide an opportunity for you and your team to showcase your talents and demonstrate how film can be used to create buzz about an upcoming event or sermon series and ultimately compel them to come in. (Luke 14:23)

The Buzz Conference is partnering with Worshiphouse Media to host a film festival in conjunction with the Buzz Conference on Thursday, May 4 at 7:00 pm. Categories include: Sermon Series Trailers; Sermon Illustrations; and Church & Parachurch Events. The film length limit if up to five minutes. WorshipHouse Director, Greg Atkinson, will serve as one of the three judges.

The film awarded “Best of Show” will win a Buzz iPod, preloaded with all the Buzz Conference content. Deadline to enter is Monday, April 24th.

Attending the Buzz Conference is not a requirement for entry in the festival.

For more information on the Buzz Film Festival, including submission guidelines, visit


Maundy Thursday and Good Friday Resources

Palm Sunday is now behind us and a wonderful week of worship lies before us. Obviously, the quickest way to search our site for great Easter resources is to click on our Easter tab. Many of you are leading and planning either a Maundy Thursday and/or Good Friday service. When I plan worship for these two services, there are 2 main things that I focus on: Communion and the cross. There are a TON of great resources for things like this throughout our website. I’m going to highlight a few that stand out to me:




New WorshipHouse Podcast crashes iTunes!

Forgive us for temporarily shutting down the iTunes store. Our new WorshipHouse podcast just dropped yesterday. I don’t think they were ready for the traffic. 🙂

Seriously, we were #83 in the Top 100 “Religion & Spirituality” podcasts! Not a bad start.


Palm Sunday Resources

Wow! This Sunday is Palm Sunday. The Easter season is truly upon us. Looking for some fresh visuals for this weekend? Check these out:


Have you heard about Common Heart?

I have recently become involved with a new ministry/movement called “Common Heart”. This past Friday and Saturday, I ran media for their live concerts. Common Heart is a project that brings together local worship leaders in a city. This past weekend was the very first one, which just so happened to be here in Dallas. Upcoming cities are Houston, Atlanta, Nashville and on from there. To find out more about this amazing experience, check out their website: You can also get the new worship CD at

For the concerts, we used 3 screens. Lyrics were on the left and right screens. We mainly had “eye candy” and the Common Heart logo graphic on the center screen. To run the visuals, I used the brand new Easy Worship 2006 – which is amazing. The flexibility of this program was truly impressive. I was able to VJ on the spot – while playing something live on the screen, I could preview other loops and if I thought it worked with the song, I just hit “Go Live” and they were instantly on the screen.

People commented on the backgrounds and loops I was using. Everything I used, by the way, is available through WorshipHouse. Though I used a TON of visuals, including video clips and countdowns, the majority were backgrounds and loops from these companies:
WorshipFilms – Free to Worship
Igniter Media – Igniter Backs
Sarti Design – Motion Videos and AlterVideos ***(These 2 were favorites and VERY popular)

If you’re a worship leader in Houston, Atlanta or Nashville, get in touch with Common Heart through their website and find out how you can be a part of this experience when it comes to your city!


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