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We needed a bit of winter in July

It has been over 100 degrees here in Texas for several days now, with more heat to come. So I have been trying to cool off by having a little winter in july, if you will. I dug out some old ski videos from the 80’s and have been watching skiers glide down the cold white snow and wishing I was there. Since the a/c went out shortly at our church I figured that we needed to focus our minds on the snow, I found several images that had quite the cooling effect. If you are in need of a little cold, here is a list of WINTER media for you…

Our tag line doesn’t say “Resources for the Creative Church” for nothing…


Welcome Floodgate to the House

We are pleased to welcome Floodgate Productions and their entire media content to the WorshipHouse store. As some of you may know, we were recently in California for the Purpose Driven Worship Conference. The conference was great for many reasons with one being an opportunity to hang with the Floodgate guys. It was fun to talk about life, God and media with them or just act goofy. Gary, Jason and Dave are great people that are creating some excellent resources.

If you have some time, check out the entire FLOODGATE STORE on WorshipHouse.

Only a few minutes, watch LIFE SAVING STATION or WORSHIP OBJECTS.


What is your Favorite?

We get emails all the time with people asking if they could store their favorites so it will be easy to find products upon returning to the site. Well, you no longer have to keep a post-it note handy when browsing WorshipHouse. That’s right… we have added a FAVORITES tab. Now when you are logged in, just click “Add to Favorites” and watch the magic happen. I don’t know if this will help you to plan ahead, or enhance procrastination. Either way, all I wanna know is, “What’s in Your Favorites?”

It also looks pretty nifty, when you add something a cool floating window pops up so you know it worked.


RSS feed for new products

We just can’t seem to stop updating the site. New products and new features are appearing everywhere. We hope you find the updates useful. We sure do…

The new JUST ADDED page now features a handy rss feed option if you are into that. We also have a new feature on each product details page that keeps you informed of what others purchased. I don’t think we can stop there, so keep an eye out for more new features! And let us know what you think.


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