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The Cross and the Towers

You may have noticed that we have added a new tab for “September 11th” resources. We are featuring a 9 minute video called “Cross and Towers.” This is from the full length dramatic movie that looks at the hope the rescue workers and others felt when they discovered a cross of steel in the wreckage. You can learn more about the full length movie at the official website.

Let us know what you think of the film, and of the september 11th tab. Anything you think it should, or shouldn’t include? Should we even have this tab in our store? Is your church doing anything this year to reflect? How should christians respond to this? Should we use media to reflect or should we avoid it?


Running Collection

Man, this is cool. The new collection from Flashlight is great stuff. Very well done. Really feels like you are watching a film. You should check out Run The Race. It is interesting because the options are broader than just a mini-movie. If you want you can use the whole collection for a theme based service so everything really blends together. I really like it, that’s all I’m saying. What do you think?


Getting Things Done (from the podcast)

I mentioned a book in the podcast, Getting Things Done.

If you feel like you are super busy with a ton of stuff running through your head you will love this book. My sisters’ pastor Bob Hyatt of Evergreen, in Portland, has a great blog ( where he gives some great ideas and resources about using this philosophy in ministry (click here).

You also might try 43Folders as well. It has a ton of great resources.

Let me know your thoughts and questions:



Podcast Episode 6 will save you money

Episode 6 of the WorshipHouse Media Podcast is now available in iTunes, click here to subscribe. This time around we discuss some new products, new technology tools for ministry, and much more. The lawsuit phone rings several times in Episode 6, and we share a 25% promo code with you the listener!

You can see these pictures and more along with links to what we are talking about because our podcasts are Enhanced! I know that guy looks scary, but you should listen anyway…
enhanced podcast


Highway Video Subscriptions

You now have the opportunity through our site to subscribe to Highway Video’s newest releases. This will actually save you a ton of money and you will get their releases before all of your friends, which means they will think you are cooler than you really are… and thus kind of wish they were like you. Which is what it’s all about.

All you have to do is click HERE and fill out the form and then you are set up to receive their releases 6 times a year (that is a lot of stuff)!


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