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This last weekend I had the chance to hang out with the guys at SteeleHouse. Their office is sweet. It is in an old building in a really cool part of Tulsa. I got a little tour and got to meet some of the “two monitor” guys as I call them. They are a talented bunch. Kevin (executive producer) and Nathan (marketing) were nice enough to buy me a latte at “Double Shot” a nice little independent coffee shop that is being sued by Starbucks because of their name. They actually have the letter framed with a coffee ring on it… which I thought was classic. SteeleHouse has several mini-movies that are great and their Bible shorts are hilarious, they are a must have. We also met with Mark Steele the author of “Flashbang, How I got over myself.” Mark will crack you up.
I also hung out with Josh Merrill from Amturian. If you like “Bottle Rocket” or any other Wes Anderson movies (“Rushmore,” “Royal Tenenbaums”) you will love their stuff. They are really creative guys and I am excited for them to come out with Larry Linguist volume 2.

I also had the chance to sit down with two other guys that are in the “helping churches online” industry, Kent Shaffer with and Jay Kelly of Both are great guys and both have a heart to connect to those doing ministry. Kent ( hales from Tulsa and has exciting plans coming up. It is a site that provides a lot of content for pastors that want to improve on connecting with their people. He has done consulting with churches and a lot of his material from consulting he now posts. He and his wife (who I think is literally a genius) also own Bombay Creative. They are a talented bunch and their site is really growing. Check them out. Jay ( and I kicked it at “The Library” in Norman, OK. is a premium podcasting site with some big names in the emergent crowd, as well as other circles. He is about to land a really big name that I will let him share when the time is right. You will definitely want to pay the small fee/ month to hear from some of these guys.

Let me know what you think…


36 Parables Needs Your Help

36 Parables needs to sell 875 DVDs by the end of October or they are going to have to shut down. So, if you are a fan, like me, and you ever want to do a series on Christ’s Parables, then order “YELLOW” or “PURPLE. Also, be looking for their next volume, “CYAN.” It is complete and will be released Nov. 1st, regardless of whether they sell the 875 or not.

So spread the word to your pastor friends.



New Volume from eleven72

This week has been good. Our friends from Floodgate Productions were in town and we had lunch with them on Monday. As always, we had a blast just relaxing with them. On Wednesday, we got to hang with Lee and Storme of eleven72 over lunch. We have had some great conversations with eleven72 in the past but this was our first opportunity to meet with them in person.

We talked about their company, our company, college and pro football all over a nice set of wings and chicken fingers. It was a fun time where we all laughed way too much. On a side note, Lee evidently loves hot stuff and ordered five of the ‘Fire in the Hole’ wings. Not to be outdone, I ordered a few ‘Fire in the Hole’ chicken fingers. One bite in and I was in trouble. However Lee encouraged me to “keep going and I would get used to it.” Well, two more bites convinced my mouth, heart, stomach lining and every other internal organ that I wasn’t going to get used to it. Never, I mean never get in a spicy-hot eating contest with Lee.

Spicy food and all, we still had a great time getting to hang with them and see their first ever volume release, Jesus IS. Many of you are already familiar with a lot of their seasonal products for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Well, Jesus IS is a great volume with a quick but powerful mini-movie leading the way – check it out here.



We are excited that we are now able to offer you clips from the feature film, “Facing The Giants.” Any of the clips would be great for a sermon starter or a great discussion opener. You can check out the clips Here.

At $12.00 the downloads are a great value. You can check out the Facing The Giants official website to learn more about the film. My favorite is Wholehearted. Tell me you’re not inspired after watching that!


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