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Say Hello to The Veracity Project

We are excited to have several new mini-movies added to the store this week. If you haven’t yet you should check out the videos from The Veracity Project. Also, you should surf on over and check out They are more than just filmmakers, but a ministry with the desire to help train and raise up filmmakers to help advance the Kingdom of God. They have a unique vision and we are excited to partner with them in ministry!


Purple is the new color

After much anticipation, we are happy to announce the arrival of three new parables for your viewing pleasure. PURPLE, the new DVD from 36 Parables is here. The three singles on the DVD are available for download HERE! These are great discussion starters. Each one takes a modern day twist on a parable that Jesus taught.

I like them all. THE CAR LOT has a great twist, but my favorite is SEAN. It is a great story of not giving up on someone who deserves it. Let us know what you think about these parables. Would you use them in your church? How about at a small group bible study?


Versatile Motion Graphics

That’s what the initials stand for in the name “VMG Backgounds,” one of our producers of creative media. Funny thing is they have great still images as well. Don’t let the name Versatile Motion Graphics fool you. Just added is their new Countdown DVD. You can see all that VMG has to offer by checking out their producer page HERE.


Save $5.55 on your next order!

That’s right, get $5.55 off your next order by using the WorshipHouse Media Podcast Episode 5 promo code. Subscribe to our podcast through iTunes by clicking HERE and download Episode 5. We discuss new site features, new products, a new employee, and more. When you hear the promo code, enter it in your shopping cart to have $5.55 deducted from the order total.


We needed a bit of winter in July

It has been over 100 degrees here in Texas for several days now, with more heat to come. So I have been trying to cool off by having a little winter in july, if you will. I dug out some old ski videos from the 80’s and have been watching skiers glide down the cold white snow and wishing I was there. Since the a/c went out shortly at our church I figured that we needed to focus our minds on the snow, I found several images that had quite the cooling effect. If you are in need of a little cold, here is a list of WINTER media for you…

Our tag line doesn’t say “Resources for the Creative Church” for nothing…


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