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Sunday in Phoenix

I was in Phoenix all last week for the FutureGen and SAM conferences. I stayed through Sunday so I could visit one of the fastest growing churches in America: Christ’s Church of the Valley.

You may have heard – I (Greg) visit a LOT of churches. A lot. CCV has the most amazing, creative and inviting campus I’ve ever seen. I enjoyed a sweet time of worship and was pleased with the friendliness of the people I met.

The highlight for me was when the pastor, right in the middle of his message, said “Check this out” – the lights went down and they played Igniter’s “Real Christians of Genius“. It was so cool to be a fly on the wall and able to experience people’s reaction to the video. I forgot how funny that video is and how God can really use it to make a point.


Have you done it?

Some of you have done it. Some of you have never considered it. Some of you think it’s not important. I’ve done it! I know others that have, too. What is it???

Comments. Each of our products have a little line at the bottom of their description page which reads “Click here to add your own comment for this product.” Many have shared that they enjoy reading other people’s comments. I like to see who reviewed it and what church or ministry they’re with. These comments don’t have to be all rosey or fake. Be real and write what you think about the video or picture or motion. We only ask that you be considerate and refrain from cruel and hurtful remarks.

So, have YOU done it?


New month, new resources

It’s March! Wow, how time flies. New this month:
House Collection – “The Cross”
House Guest – Jim Miller
Free download – “The Last Painting”

You can also find lots of great new products in our Easter Store. With all the new resources available, I’d like to highlight one that I’ve used in the past: “Stations” from the Digital Glass collection. This video is great for a Good Friday service. NOTE: You can purchase this and each individual video from Digital Glass for $15 or buy the entire DVD for $30!


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