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‘Catalyst’ Promo code De-activated

Hello customers,

We had to de-activate our Catalyst promo code last night as some user was trying to abuse it. If you were at Catalyst and have not used the promo code, please call us at 866-387-2634 and we will help you create an account and place an order for you.

We apologize for the inconvenience and wish you did not have to go to this extra step. Thanks for your understanding.


Happy Birthday . . . Us!


The WorshipHouse store was launched into the world that we call the Internet one year ago today. It has been a busy and fun first year for all of us. As the resident accountant, I can think of no better to way to summarize our first year’s highlights than taking you through some of our key numbers:

1 – The number of crazy, cool catalogs we have completed (let us know if you want one and we’ll send it to you).
2 – The number of “hard reboots” performed by yours truly to our server in hopes of improving a simple problem with our website. (Note: a “hard reboot” is the equivalent of unplugging a computer when all you need to do is close one application).
3 – The number of employees WorshipHouse has welcomed in the last year: Dale Carter, Clint Miller and Kent McKeaigg.
4 – The number of office cubicles sold to keep us from losing our valued ping-pong table.
5 – The number of thousands of church media products now up on our website.
6 – The number of magazines we advertised with, including Worship Leader, Outreach and Rev!.
7 – The number of conferences WorshipHouse attended last year, including Catalyst, Youth Specialties and Purpose Driven Worship.
8 – The number of in-depth producer profiles added to the ‘Reviews/Articles’ section.
9 – The number of podcasts that have been recorded, including the one today but not including any that we lost or decided to can.
10 – The number of painfully long months it took to get this website envisioned, developed and launched.

And finally . . .
75 – The number of comments Jimmy Meerkat (our controversial September freebie) has already received.

In all seriousness, we at WorshipHouse are indebted to the work of many people for helping us get started. We would like to extend a special thanks to Greg Atkinson, Mark Bowlin, Anthony Coppedge and all of our producers for helping us make this website a reality. And finally, we would like to thank you, our customer, for making our first year even possible. We hope to be an important resource to you for years to come.


Catalyst Baby… Catalyst

A little over a week ago, Rob, Jeff, myself, and our wives went to Atlanta for the Catalyst conference. For those of you that aren’t familiar with the conference, it is a “Leadership Filter for what is next in the Church.” The speakers included Donald Miller, Marcus Buckingham, Andy Stanley, John Maxwell and several others. The six of us spent most of our time in the Worship House booth because there were so many dang people. We did a football throw for a free t-shirt and it broke like halfway through the first day, so Jeff used his mad duct taping skills, fixed it and we were up and running again. And just so you know, more girls won a free t-shirt than fellas.

We were able to hang out with Grant and Trey (Flashlight Films), Shane and Molly (City on a Hill) Leigh (Sarti Design), Steve and Carrie (AngelHouse), and Todd (Timbuktoons). We also saw a ton of pastors who currently use WHM.

Every time we go to a conference I am amazed at how many pastors are just starting to use media. It is fun to explain that we have all of the producers that they are looking for under one roof. So spread the word to those you bounce your pastoral ideas off of, they will thank you for it!


Catalyst Conference

If you are going to the Catalyst Conference in Atlanta this week, make sure you stop by the WorshipHouse booth. Jeff, Kent, and Rob are there so stop by and say hello. The booth is all new and is supposed to be really cool (I haven’t seen it yet so let me know how it looks). And as usual we decided to give away stuff again this year! Hopefully we’ll post some pictures from the conference soon.


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