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Powerful Mini Movie Bundle for Lent

Here’s something that you need to take a look at. Skit Guys Studios has released a bundle of mini movies to walk your church through this season of Lent. In this bundle, you will receive 9 mini movies including one for Palm Sunday, Good Friday, and Easter. You can use them as a Call to Worship, a sermon intro, a time of reflection, or any other creative way you can think of. These are only sold in the bundle, but they are worth checking out.

Reflections of Lent: Series Bundle – by Skit Guys Studios


In Case You Missed It – Tech Career Opportunity

Could this be the opportunity for you? Could this be the one you’ve been waiting for? You never know! Check this job out. James River Church in Ozark, Missouri is looking to hire the right person for their Senior Video Editor opening. If video is your thing and you aren’t scared off by a multi-site church with over 10,000 people in regular attendance, then keep reading. They are looking for someone to take the reigns on a number of fronts including filming and editing videos during weekly services as well as leading the video department within the Creative Team. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Click on the link below and read more about this exciting opportunity.

Film Director/Video Lead


FREE March Media

Easter season. Daylight Saving Time. Spring begins! Can it get any better? Seriously, can it get any better!? Of course; you can also get some FREE media! It is that time again, and I don’t want you or your friends to miss out. This time around, I want you to forward this page to seven of your friends. If you do, a bunny will find an Easter egg. Okay, that was ridiculous, but I really want you to send this link to some of your friends. I mean, why not? The only thing required of them is to reach out and take the freebies! They’ll be happy you sent them here.

His Sacrifice by Playback Media

Psalm 1:3 by twelve:thirty media

Psalm 33 by Poppen Productions

Rule by Hillsong United

Most Important Thing by Yancy

Enlightened Angles Countdown by Playback Media

Free Video Clip – Lightstock


Get Creative! Church Stage Designs for the Easter Season

The Easter season is here! For all of you out there who have the joy and honor of being able to dream and create stages that help draw our churches into worship, this post is for you. The team over at Church Stage Designs Ideas have put together a list of ideas for you to consider as you create your own stage to bring your church through this season. In this post, you’ll find some simple, yet thoughtful designs. You’ll also discover a few extremely technical and elaborate designs. Any stage design involving a rugged cross will normally do it for me. Whatever you choose, I encourage you to have the worship of Jesus as your focal point during this entire process. Enjoy!

Easter Stage Designs by Church Stage Design Ideas


Last Minute Ash Wednesday Media

Ash Wednesday is almost here. Don’t miss out on some still backgrounds, motion backgrounds, and countdowns to use in your service. Here are a few to get you started.


Stone Ash Ash Wednesday Still by Playback Media

Dust-Ash-Wednesday-Still by Shift Worship

Ash Wednesday Blank Still by Centerline New Media


Stone Ash Ash Wednesday by Playback Media

Ash Wednesday by Shift Worship

Ash Wednesday Motion 3 by Vertical Hold Media


Ash Wednesday by Playback Media

Ash Wednesday Countdown 2 by Vertical Hold Media

Ash Wednesday Grace Countdown by Playback Media


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