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WHM Summer Sale

Summer Sale Starts Wed. July 6th!!!

Get an inside look behind the scenes at WorshipHouse! Dale and Luke can’t decide which season to import into July to commemorate WorshipHouse Media’s big summer sale:



They do agree, however, that now is a great time to show our appreciation to all of the awesome churches we work with by offering a massive summer sale. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday in July, one of our top producers will offer ALL of their content at 50% off. That’s every countdown, mini-movie, motion, still and song track by a single producer for one day only. Be sure you’re signed up for our newsletter to keep up with the sales all month!

  • David Jones

    LOL…dry comedy always makes me laugh
    thanks for making my day better 🙂

  • Marjory Ellis

    Hmmm… Nothing like Christmas? You should live in Australia! The stupid thing is people out here celebrate Christmas in July because it’s cold in July here and we pretend we’re having a white Christmas even though it never snows in Melbourne. Now that’s dum! I agree, Christmas should be left for Christmas time. Love your videos and keep up the good work

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