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It’s Time for Free Church Media!

Summer is just around the corner! Pollen is almost gone. Vacations are about to begin. Warm weather is pretty much here to stay. Does it get any better than that? There are so many reasons to celebrate. Do you have any big plans? How about your church? Any big events planned for the summer? It’s a great time for churches to plan events focused on serving the community. You can host a movie on the lawn night and show a movie that both kids and adults love. You may also consider planning a summer festival, complete with grills, lawn games, and water events for kids. There are all kinds of events for you to plan in order to serve your community. You know what’s neat about that? It is YOUR community. It’s not mine, and my community is not yours. We are in a specific context for a specific reason. Let’s take that to heart and bless our communities. Speaking of blessings, how about blessing your church and friends with FREE media? Wouldn’t that be a great way to kick off May?

Sunlit Grass Motion by Playback Media

This stand-alone motion offers a close-up of grass with the sun hovering in the background. Sun rays dance over the blades of grass as flecks of dust reflect the sunlight. Blurred trees stand in the distance. Perfect for summer, spring, or even fall, this background is part of the Sunlit Grass Service Pack.

Royal Radiance by Sword Point Productions

Here’s a crazy creative motion background that’s perfect for any service or event from Sword Point Productions!

Endless Skies Countdown by Playback Media

Colorful clouds drift across a warm, inviting background. Soft, blue tones and a coordinating clock help to set the tone for your church service. A five minute countdown is featured in the center. The Endless Skies Countdown is part of the Endless Skies Collection.

Sunday School Trivia Countdown by Animated Praise

An entertaining challenge for any age, this countdown features Bible themed trivia and little-known Biblical facts. Get your Sunday school group excited at the beginning or end of your next class with this fun trivia countdown!

Every Moment by twelve:thirty media

Every moment in our lives is an opportunity to be thankful for God’s grace, mercy, and love towards us. This powerful mini movie is a reminder that every moment matters and that our Creator holds every moment in His hands.

Lead Me to the Rock by David Baloche

Grab the chart for the song, “Lead Me To The Rock” by David Baloche from his new album, Labyrinth. Full Version MP3 included in the download.

Free Video Clip – Lightstock

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