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NEW Mother’s Day Mini Movies You Need to See

What words come to mind when you think of moms? There are so many to choose from. How about “protector?” I know that word can easily be associated with a father figure, but the mom is there at a moment’s notice to watch over and protect her little ones. How about “comforter?” When children get hurt, who do they call for? Mom. It’s how God hardwired us. When we experience pain, hurt, or sorrow, we want our mom’s comfort. How about “encourager?” I don’t think anyone on the earth can encourage a person like their mom. The words of affirmation that come from a mom can be so life-giving. How about “sacrifice?” This is a big one. From the pregnancy stage forward, a mother will sacrifice her time, energy, and desires for her children. She does this with a willing heart and a smile on her face. How about “strength?” Any woman who gives birth to a child can automatically have this term ascribed to her! Not only through childbirth, but she also shows strength through sleepless nights and balancing everything life throws her way. A mother is strong.
This Mother’s Day, let’s honor our moms. Raise the bar and show them how much we care and cherish them in our lives. We will also be sensitive to women with no biological children of their own, who choose to use their time and gifts to serve as a mother to younger women. They, too, should be honored. How do you plan on honoring the mothers in your congregation? Flowers, notes, and special recognition are all wonderful. Another idea is to show them know how we feel through these new mini movies from Journey Box MediaCenterline New Media, and Blue Ridge Community Church.These mini movies will make you laugh, feel all warm inside, and be reminded of how important our moms are in our lives. They are perfect choices to use in your service this Mother’s Day.

Magic Mom by Journey Box Media

This is such a beautiful story of a father and his daughter working together to bless their mom who can take the mundane, and turn it into something beautiful.

Mother’s Day: Jiggle Off” by Blue Ridge Community Church

Once you pick your jaw up off the ground and watch this for a second time, you will find yourself rolling with laughter, and interestingly enough, identifying with the moms in this mini movie. This is a great choice to bring a smile and a laugh to your church.

Mother’s Day Gift by Centerline New Media

This mini movie will remind you just how important mothers are in our lives. It will take us on a journey of recognizing how important a mother’s life is to a young child. It is an excellent choice to show the value and power of a mother’s life.

I hope you enjoy these mini movies and can find a way to show them in your services on Mother’s Day. Remember, our mothers are protectors, comforters, encouragers, and those who sacrifice their needs for the sake of their children. Let’s honor and recognize them this Mother’s Day.

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