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New Album from Alisa Turner Releases Soon!

Music is a powerful medium for the Lord to move in our lives. He uses music in unique ways in each of us: to restore hope, convict of sin, instill courage, and more. When I listen to an album, the combination of words, melodies, and rhythms all combine to create the overall experience of the album. There is, however, another dimension that takes music to a new level. It’s the personal story of the artist sharing their music. It’s the knowledge that the artist is real that helps give depth to a song or an album. When I say “real,” I mean that they are just like you and me. We share similar joys, sorrows, mountain tops, and valleys in ways that unite us together. The words being sang are not just nice poetical lines strung together to beautiful music. The words come from the person that God is leading through life’s highs and lows, just like us.

Alisa Turner is someone who brings her life and all that God has brought her through to the piano and to the mic. When I listened to her music, I enjoyed it. I loved the lyrics, the melodies, and the emotion. When I read her story, those same songs took on an entirely new meaning in my life. Those songs no longer simply contain nice lyrics and enjoyable melodies. Knowing her story, those songs now contain my heart and my life, as I can now identify with her struggles, longings, joys, and pains. Knowing an artist’s story can take their music to a whole new level. Here is her press release, which shares a bit more about Alisa Turner’s life:

Set for global release from Integrity Music Aug. 25 with the pre-sale beginning Aug. 4, Alisa Turner’s self-titled debut EP captures the lilt and innocence in Turner’s voice and the heartbreaking, but hopeful truth of her story. Produced by Grammy-nominated, Dove Award-winning Michael Farren, Alisa Turner inextricably weaves her very personal story of grief and suffering with hope and redemption through unfettered, unfiltered worship.

For Turner, who has battled the debilitating effects of Lyme Disease since childhood, music has always been her connection point with God. This includes painful seasons after the unexpected death of her worship pastor dad, hospitalizations brought on by the ravages of her disease and losing her infant son only minutes after he was born.

Through it all, Turner returned time and again to the piano, to music. “I think the Lord created me this way, drawn in by the emotion that comes with music,” says Turner. “When I sit down at the piano, He always uses it to draw me back, to awaken the dreamer, and I always leave different than when I came. I leave different knowing He sees me, He is with me. He is my hope.”

That hope shines through each track on her EP, including “My Prayer For You,” the project’s first radio single, which was penned by Farren.

May God give you eyes to see He’s still greater / Courage to rise and believe He’s able

May God be your peace in the fire you’re walking through… This is my prayer for you

“It’s always a bit of a wrestle to merge an individual’s story and voice into melodies and anthems that the Church can sing along with,” says Farren. “And yet, when you finally land in that authentic place, everyone recognizes and engages with the refrain you’ve created. Everyone has their story of brokenness, but when they hear from someone who has shared that pain and yet stands and declares the goodness of God, that’s when true worship is loudest…and I pray that’s what we’ve been able to do in telling Alisa’s story wrapped in these moments of worship.”

Apart from the single, Turner co-wrote all of the tracks for the EP, with each song exploring the depths of what it means to worship among the ashes, comforted by and confident in the presence of God. These faith-building songs of overcoming, including “Lift My Eyes,” “Not Even Now,” “More Than Gonna Make It,” and “As It Is In Heaven,” declare God’s Kingdom, deliverance, glory and unshakable power. The project closes with “Psalm 13,” a modern lamentation, conveying the unique timber and emotion of Turner’s life-story.

“My life and my story are messy… there are days when all I can do is keep lifting up my hands in desperation and in worship,” confesses Turner, who still struggles daily with her health. “I know the hard parts of life well, and I can see and sense when someone else is going through it. The best way I know to lead is by example. So, I just worship. That’s all I know to do.”

Be sure to check out Alisa’s new album by clicking on the link below!

Self-Titled Debut from Alisa Turner

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