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Mother’s Day Mini Movies That Always Make Me Cry

I love celebrating Mother’s Day. I love recognizing my mom and thanking her for all she has done over the years. During those times of countless screw-ups, mess-ups, and hang-ups, she has always been there, in my corner, supporting me, encouraging me, disciplining me, pushing me on, and loving me.

It wasn’t until I started to have a family of my own with young children, however, that I really started to appreciate the role of a mother. I see the sleepless nights. I see the unappreciated service. I see the unrecognized sacrifice. I see her give hugs to my children that just won’t stop. I see her love for our children that makes me stand in awe. It’s then that I step back for a second and realize that that is how my mom was with me.

This Mother’s Day, let’s give her the gift she desires more than anything: time. Let’s take the time to call, visit and just talk with her. Whether we had picture-perfect childhood growing up, or a less than perfect childhood, we can all, through God’s amazing grace, reach out and say, “Thank you”.

And please remember, all moms deserve to be recognized, appreciated, cherished and loved. Whether stay-at-home moms, single moms, working moms, and for women with no biological children of their own, but who use their gifts to mother younger women, they all should be honored.

These mini movies, produced by Hyper Pixels Media, Floodgate Productions, and Igniter Media, are here for you to utilize in your services on Mother’s Day to give that special nod, that recognition that the mom’s are appreciated. And please be careful. These mini movies may just move you to tears. I know they do for me.

Mom! by Igniter Media

Mom! is a tremendous mini movie from Igniter. Sorry, but I can’t make it through without tearing up. It shows how moms are there with us through it all, always by our side. What a great mini movie to use to honor our moms.

Mother’s Day Blessings by Floodgate Productions

Mother’s Day Blessings is a powerful mini movie that opens our minds to see that this is a bigger day than we think. All moms everywhere are to loved, honored, and cherished. This is a great choice for you to use in your service.

The Beauty of a Mother by Hyper Pixels Media

The Beauty of a Mother is a beautiful mini movie sharing the different roles a mom plays in our lives. The team at Hyper Pixels shows us that many of the characteristics of a mother are actually first and foremost, characteristics of God. This is a powerful mini movie to use for your congregation.

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