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It’s Lent! What Do I Do? Why, Mini Movies, of Course!

Do I celebrate Lent? Do I not celebrate Lent? Do I center a service around it, or not? What’s the best way to communicate the meaning behind the season of Lent? As the title of this post says, “Why, Mini Movies, of Course!” There are some great mini movies focused around the theme of Lent that will absolutely draw your congregation in for a solid time of worship, and a somber time of reflection and repentance. Check out the following mini movies from Hyper Pixels Media, Freebridge Media, and Centerline New Media to get started.

Lent (A Season of Renewal) by Hyper Pixels Media

Like Gold by Freebridge Media

Lent (A Prayer of Repentance) by Freebridge Media

Lent (A Season of Reflection) by Centerline New Media

Lent: A Prayer of Preparation by Centerline New Media

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