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Interview with Jared Hogue: Co-Owner of Creative Sheep


Today’s interview is with Jared Hogue, co-owner of Creative Sheep. You’re going to enjoy this guy a lot! From the beginning, you can see Jared’s passion for God, His church, and His people. He is committed to glorifying God through creativity and leadership, which he discusses in this interview. Some of the highlights of the interview include:
  1. His recent move to Boston to help plant a church (1:27)
  2. Where the name Creative Sheep came from (3:39)
  3. How leadership and creativity are more connected than you think (5:20)
  4. Why they started a podcast and the high-impact people he has already interviewed (5:40)
To see what Jared and Creative Sheep are up to, you can keep up with them in the following ways:

Website | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Instagram



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