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Heartbreaking Parable on God’s Love You Do Not Want to Miss

HeartGrippingParable on God's Love (1)

Every once in a while, a mini movie, song, sermon, or story seems to capture your heart afresh and overwhelm your soul with emotion. That’s exactly what happened when I watched this mini movie by Journey Box Media called Prodigal. In this mini movie, we find a modern adaptation of the story of the prodigal son. It is one that will take you on an epic emotional journey filled with fear, hope, brokenness, joy, gratitude, elation, and jubilation. I told you this mini movie would be epic! During this season where we focus so much on love, you may be able to use this mini movie in your services to make a stunning visual demonstration of the unbelievable, undeniable, furious love of God.

Prodigal by Journey Box Media

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