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FREE Media for Your Service This Weekend

Using media in your service does many things. For one it can help create atmosphere’s in which we worship God. Media can also help tie thematic elements of your service together in one cohesive bundle; and that in turn helps the message stick with your congregation throughout the week. In today’s culture, what language do most people speak? To answer this question, just look around and see what people are doing. They are looking at their phone, their computer screen, movies, TV’s, etc. Our culture understands imagery, color, and motion. Good or bad is not the discussion here. We are simply trying to speak the language of the people. So whether you use this FREE media or not, I encourage you to prayerfully choose what media you can use to help solidify the point you are trying to make this weekend.

A Purpose by James Grocho

Jesus our savior, gave his life in place of ours, so that we could have a purpose in life.

Control by AdoptionMedia

We all like to have control, to be our own master, but the truth of the matter is our control only leads to death. But Jesus graciously fixed that and gives us the victory if we hand control of our lives over to Him. This thought provoking mini-movie asks the question who is in control of your life, you or God?

Gorilla Game by Digital Felt Productions

An interactive, crazy take on the Rock, Paper, Scissors game. Kids compete against their neighbors to try and be the last kid standing. Game starts out spoofing a yoga video and then breaks into some loud, crazy music. Game has 3 questions.

Every Conversation Matters by Pink Goose Media

Does what we say really influence others to make a decision to follow Christ? We may never know how long it will take for our words to impact others lives. What we do know is that every conversation matters. Even those casual chats that seem to be about nothing, they matter! Every conversation you have about Jesus is important.

Passing Clouds Motion Background by Playback Media

This motion features a beautiful orange sky with rolling clouds slowly drifting across the background. The faint glow of the sun highlights the center of the clouds. The warm hues help set a peaceful serene feeling. This is a gorgeous background to help set a calm meditative mood for any setting and is a great background for any time of the year! The Passing Clouds 7 Motion Background is part of the Passing Clouds Collection.

Free Video of the Week from Lightstock


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