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3 Trending Father’s Day Mini Movies

Being a father, I’ve been thinking about our holiday we have coming up. I’ve considered where it’s placed in the calendar in relation to Mother’s Day. That placement, in June, makes me think that a mother chose the month to celebrate. Do you know why?

Because we’re being tested. If we didn’t do a good job celebrating moms, then look out! Father’s Day might not be what you hoped it would be. But if you wooed and wowed on Mother’s Day, then Father’s Day might just be a great day for you!

All jokes aside, Father’s Day will be here before you know it and I want to make sure you are ready to go with all the media you need to honor the dads in your congregation. In light of our desire to honor dads, here are three of our top trending mini movies for Father’s Day. Let me warn you ahead of time; be prepared to laugh and also well up with enough emotion to possibly cause a tear to drop from your eye. These are some great choices to use in your service on Father’s Day.

Father’s Day: Answering the Call by Gateway Church Media


Thanks, Dad! by Creative Sheep


Stuff Dads Never Say by Motion Worship

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