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Top 10 Easter Outreach Ideas (Some Good and Some Bad)

Easter! What a tremendous time to think about different outreach ideas for our friends, families, and communities. Easter, as you probably know, is one of the highest attended services you’ll have this year (Mother’s Day and Christmas are the other two big ones). Therefore, it’s well worth your time to devote energy to this topic. As a side note, my desire is that we love our friends, families, and neighbors throughout the week, throughout the year…not just during Easter. But, Easter is indeed the perfect time to brainstorm outreach ideas for how we can serve/love/share our faith with those around us.

Here is a list for you to present to your church as you consider the best approach for outreach this Easter season. I am, as you will see, opinionated on this matter. Forgive my leanings and see if you agree or disagree with me.

1. Throw an easter egg hunt at your church (Great)
2. Invite a friend (Best)
3. Throw a BBQ at your church the day before Easter (Good)
4. Invite a friend (Best…again)
5. Rent some llamas and have a petting zoo (not bad, but not great)
6. Invite a friend (Still the best)
7. Blindly copy what really big churches are doing and hope for the best (horrible idea)
8. Invite a friend (See what I’m doing?)
9. Cross your fingers and hope someone else invites your friends (Not even going to comment on this one.)
10. Invite a friend (Will always be the best outreach idea for any day of the year.)
There you have it: ten ideas to get you thinking about outreach as you consider what you and your church will do this Easter season.

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