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Seven Books Everyone in Church Media Should Read

We recently posed the following to question to our panel of experts:

You’re responsible for visual worship in your church’s services, what are three books that you HAVE to read?

These were their responses (with links to each book):

Camron Ware:

Flickering Pixels – Shane Hipps (link)

Pursuing Christ. Creating Art – Gay Molander (link)

High-Tech Worship? –  Quentin Schultze (link)


I think you should start by reading “Chasing Francis” by Ian Cron (link). This will re-alter the way you approach “church” and even being a Christian (perhaps)… I think you will “wake up” to a lot in that book and really resonate with it. at least i did. (pg 94 will rock your world, but don’t skip ahead!)

Once you’ve laid a bit of that foundation and are pointed in the right direction, then it’s time to hone in your craft & role in the worship gathering. So the 2nd book I would read is Mark Pierson’s “The Art of Curating Worship: Reshaping the Role of Worship Leader” (link). This has really confirmed what I have already felt instead for a long time but had no way describing it. It has provided me with a new language for holistically shaping & designing a worship event like its a work of art.

Next, I would pick up “Flickering Pixels” by Shane Hipps (link). Talk about discovering the “man behind the curtain!” Especially when it comes to technology and how it’s been affecting us like the machines in the Matrix!

But I warn you, the rabbit hole is deep….& once you go in, there’s no turning back! But I promise you, as weird as the journey will seem, “Wonderland” is on the other side.

Luke McElroy:

“Pursuing Christ. Creating Art.” by Gary Molander (link):
This book has challenged me so much to be reminded that God is WAY more concerned about our hearts than our art.  For me, it’s been a reminder that if Christ is everything that I pursue, and my art flows out of the overflow of Love I have for my Creator, then my creations will reflect more of Him and impact more of His people. Simply put – a must read for anyone who is creating art in the church.

“Visoneering” by Andy Stanley (link):
This may seem odd to some that I put a “leadership” book on my list, but this book has helped form many of the foundational principles I have and speak about when it comes to Visual Worship. What it means to have a God-given vision for your life (or ministry in this context) and how to execute that vision? It takes the life of Nehemiah and how he pursued God in the midst of a 40 year trial. It helped give me perspective that my Visual Worship is not about me or my art, but instead about fulfilling God’s will, and that is to glorify Him in every way.

“Untitled” by Blaine Hogan (link):
Though I’m currently reading this I think it’s key for all Visual Worship Leaders. The thing I have taken away from this book already is this line: “no one cares about our ideas unless those ideas can execute the vision” which really helps show the teamwork aspect of the Sunday morning process.

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