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Get Ready, Salem Church Products Is Hiring

Salem Church Products (SCP) is hiring and YOU could be the one to join our team, or you could know the perfect person to come on board, making an impact in tens of thousands of churches on a regular basis. The Church Media Blog is a part of SCP which exists to serve pastors, church leaders, and ministries with online resources in the areas of preaching & teaching, media, worship, youth ministry, kids ministry, employment, and more. We are looking for the right person who will fit the role as a Web Developer. In this position you will be working on sites including WorshipHouse Media, SermonSpice, ChurchStaffing, SermonSearch, ChurchMedia Blog, and more.

Here are some details for you:

1. RVA
If you don’t know what that is quite yet, no worries, I’ll fill you in. It stands for Richmond, VA, and it’s where we are located. So, yes, you will be working with us in beautiful, sunny, RVA. It’s the capitol of Virginia, but it just has that small town feel. It’s a great place to live as a single person, or a married couple with or without children.

2. Fun
Oh my. Let me count the ways.

  • Team lunches.
  • Team building.
  • Company parties.
  • Ultimate frisbee teams.
  • Ping-Pong tournaments.
  • Free caffeine – Keurig (25+ choices) and soda machine (with La Croix now!).
  • Daily snacks.
  • Randomblessings of free doughnuts, subs, pizzas, Chick-Fil-A, and more.
  • Don’t get me started on our Christmas party. Whew…it’s good!

3. Team
20 out of 20 people here at SCP agree that this is just the best company to work for. Does it get better than that?

4. Values
I love working for a company that has values such as:

  • We look for ways to encourage each other. We celebrate each other’s wins and have each other’s backs.
  • We are known as people who get things done. We take ownership of our work.
  • We are proactive in confronting challenges. We run towards problems with creative solutions.

5. Work
Alright, now here’s where it gets fun. To be a Web Developer with SCP, we’re not just looking for anyone. We’re looking for someone who can decipher the following:

  • CSS (random letters)
  • HTML (I know this has to do with the web!)
  • ASP.NET (more random letters)
  • C# (does this mean you have to have a music degree?)
  • PHP (here we go again with the random letters)
  • Coldfusion (Do you need a physics degree?)
  • SQL Server (Squool server??? as in crossing guard or cafeteria experience, perhaps)
  • TSQL (enough with these letters…who really knows what they mean anyway?)

6. Impact
Get ready to have your mind blown. Do you want your work to make a difference? Everyone wants to make an impact, right? Well, this job will put you in a position to impact…are you ready for this…hold on…here we go:

  • 30,000+ churches on a weekly basis
  • 1,000,000+ monthly visitors that visit the sites you will be developing!

Come on! That is a significant impact you can make.

There you have it. If you think this position is a good fit for you, then click on the link below. You’ll find more details for this position and instructions on how to apply.

Web Developer – Salem Church Products


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