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NEW Mother’s Day Mini Movies You Need to See

What words come to mind when you think of moms? There are so many to choose from. How about protector. I know that word can easily be associated with a father figure, but the mom is there at a moments notice to watch over and protect her little ones. How about comforter. When children get hurt, who do they call for? Mom. It’s how God hard-wired us. When we experience pain, hurt, or sorry, we want mom’s comfort. How about encourager. I don’t think anyone on the earth can encourage a person like their mom. The words of affirmation that come from a mom can be so life-giving. How about sacrifice. This is a big one. From the pregnancy stage forward, a mother will sacrifice her time, her energy, her desires, all for her children. And she does this with a willing heart and a smile on her face. How about strength. Any woman who gives birth to a child can automatically have the word strength ascribed to her! But not only through child-birth, but also through the sleepless nights, and the balancing of all life throws her way. A mother is strong.

This Mother’s Day, let’s honor our moms. Let’s raise the bar and show them how much we care and cherish them in our lives. And let’s be sensitive to women with no biological children of their own, who choose to use their time and gifts to serve as a mother to younger women. They, too, should be honored. So how do you plan on honoring the mother’s in your congregation? Flowers, notes, special recognition are all wonderful ideas. Another idea is to let them know how we feel by showing them on of these new mini movies from Journey Box MediaCenterline New Media, and Blue Ridge Community Church. These mini movies will have you laughing, feeling all warm inside, and reminded of how important our moms are in our lives. They are perfect choices to use in your service this Mother’s Day.

Magic Mom by Journey Box Media

This is such a beautiful story of a Father and his daughter working together to bless their mom who can take the mundane, and turn it into something beautiful.

Mother’s Day: Jiggle Off” by Blue Ridge Community Church

Once you pick your jaw up off the ground, and watch this for a second time, you will find yourself rolling with laughter, and interestingly enough, identifying with the moms in this mini movie. This is a great choice to bring a smile and a laugh to your church.

Mother’s Day Gift by Centerline New Media

This mini movie will remind you just how important mothers are in our lives. It will take us on a journey of recognizing how important a mother’s life is to a young child. It is an excellent choice to show the value and power of a mother’s life.

I hope you enjoy these mini movies and can find a way to show them in your services on Mother’s Day. Remember, our mother’s are protectors, comforters, encouragers, and those who sacrifice their needs for the sake of their child. Let’s honor and recognize them this Mother’s Day.


Mother’s Day Mini Movies That Always Make Me Cry

I love celebrating Mother’s Day. I love recognizing my mom and thanking her for all she has done over the years. During those times of countless screw-ups, mess-ups, and hang-ups, she has always been there, in my corner, supporting me, encouraging me, disciplining me, pushing me on, and loving me.

It wasn’t until I started to have a family of my own with young children, however, that I really started to appreciate the role of a mother. I see the sleepless nights. I see the unappreciated service. I see the unrecognized sacrifice. I see her give hugs to my children that just won’t stop. I see her love for our children that makes me stand in awe. It’s then that I step back for a second and realize that that is how my mom was with me.

This Mother’s Day, let’s give her the gift she desires more than anything: time. Let’s take the time to call, visit and just talk with her. Whether we had picture-perfect childhood growing up, or a less than perfect childhood, we can all, through God’s amazing grace, reach out and say, “Thank you”.

And please remember, all moms deserve to be recognized, appreciated, cherished and loved. Whether stay-at-home moms, single moms, working moms, and for women with no biological children of their own, but who use their gifts to mother younger women, they all should be honored.

These mini movies, produced by Hyper Pixels Media, Floodgate Productions, and Igniter Media, are here for you to utilize in your services on Mother’s Day to give that special nod, that recognition that the mom’s are appreciated. And please be careful. These mini movies may just move you to tears. I know they do for me.

Mom! by Igniter Media

Mom! is a tremendous mini movie from Igniter. Sorry, but I can’t make it through without tearing up. It shows how moms are there with us through it all, always by our side. What a great mini movie to use to honor our moms.

Mother’s Day Blessings by Floodgate Productions

Mother’s Day Blessings is a powerful mini movie that opens our minds to see that this is a bigger day than we think. All moms everywhere are to loved, honored, and cherished. This is a great choice for you to use in your service.

The Beauty of a Mother by Hyper Pixels Media

The Beauty of a Mother is a beautiful mini movie sharing the different roles a mom plays in our lives. The team at Hyper Pixels shows us that many of the characteristics of a mother are actually first and foremost, characteristics of God. This is a powerful mini movie to use for your congregation.


Great Church Media Deal for April

I’m excited about what I get to share with you today. Playback Media, a site designed to equip churches with powerful visuals, is having a great sale on motion and still backgrounds. So for only $10, you will be able to pick up 8 motion backgrounds, 8 still backgrounds, and 1 countdown to use in your service. That’s 89% off the regular price!

This theme pack is called the “Rising Songs” Collection, and is a perfect option to use this time of year. Whether you need a beautiful Welcome slide, a Goodbye slide, or a blank slide to put your own words on, then this pack has you covered. You can find the pack here. Be sure to head on over to Playback Media and check out all the other great content they are offering.

Here is a sample of what is included in the collection:



Not So Fast – Easter Is Not Over

Well, in regards to family photos, easter baskets, peeps, and plastic eggs, yes, Easter is indeed over. And in a large part, thank goodness! But the celebration that Jesus is alive, that He conquered the grave, that He is alive and reigning is not even remotely close to being over. This is something that we, as believers in Jesus, get to celebrate every day of our lives. And why wouldn’t we? This good news changes everything. This good news gives us hope. This good news changes how we treat our families, friends, coworkers, and strangers. This good news changes the way we use our time, our money, our resources. This good news changes everything.

Here are two powerful mini movies that can help communicate this message with your congregation.

Need by Freebridge Media

Go After Easter Challenge by Hyper Pixels Media


Top 10 Hymns You Should Sing This Easter

What are some words that come to mind when you hear the word “hymns?” Do you think of these words? Old. Boring. Stodgy. Irrelevant. If so, then I’d love to offer an additional perspective for you.

You see, I used to be there with these identical mindsets. I grew up going to church with my parents singing from hymn books, and wondering what in the world I was doing singing songs that were hundreds of years old. In college, I committed my life to Christ and I was a part of a tremendous church singing some hip, rockin’, relevant songs: not too many hymns (if any at all). So, what were those hip, rockin’, relevant songs we were singing? You know. The greats! Songs like, Shine, Jesus Shine, Victory Chant, It’s Amazing, and Lord I Lift Your Name on High. We were a rockin’ church! One thousand people doing the secret hand-clap at just the right moment on Shine, Jesus Shine was always an epic moment!

But, where are those songs today? I hate to say it, but they are gathering dust. Now, do not get me wrong. Those songs had a time and a place. They were fun, exciting songs…for the time. As hard as it is to hear, (trust me, I’ve been there), those hip, rockin’ relevant songs we’re singing today…likely won’t be around in five years. It’s just like culture: out with the old and in with the new.
But, hymns…hymns! They have stood the test of time and rooted themselves into our minds and our hearts as timeless songs that will likely be sung to the end of our lives and beyond. We don’t exactly drive down the road blasting 90.5 Hymn FM (that is a completely fictional radio station I just made up…if it’s actually real…sorry about that). So, why is it that hymns are still around, and should we be singing them?

My vote (a couple of years ago my vote would have been different) is that a great number of hymns are more relevant and impactful today than many of the songs we currently sing. Now, by all means, I love a lot of the worship, heart, and passion in the current worship music scene today. I’m not arguing against this. I’m arguing for us to also include more of the ancient. I am leaning this way because of where we are today as a culture. We are in an ever-changing, ever-growing, ever-developing culture that thrives on what is new. If it happened a year ago, that’s old news. If it happened five minutes ago and you didn’t catch the update on social media, then you are out of the loop and dated.

The hymns that have stood the test of time were written by men and women with a solid biblical theology that stood strong in the midst of the ever-changing currents of culture. The words are rich with meaning. They are dripping with Biblical references, if we take the time to look. Many are not mere opinions, but Biblical truths that are being expressed in song. If we naturally lean towards the thought that we only want to sing what top artists are singing, then I encourage us to see that some of our favorite artists, Chris Tomlin, Bethel Music, Hillsong Worship, Paul Baloche, Third Day, David Crowder, Israel Houghton, Passion Band, and Matt Redman, are ALL singing and have recorded hymns for the benefit of exalting the name of Jesus.

Let me encourage you this Easter season to slow down, focus your eyes on the cross and the empty tomb, and grab hold of a hymn that has been sang for hundreds and hundreds of years. Read the words and be captured by the depth, theology, and truth behind many of these ancient tunes. When our hearts are on God, and we sing these hymns to His glory, hands will be lifted high in surrender all around the sanctuary.

Here they are, in no particular order, the Top 10 Hymns You Should Be Singing This Easter.

1. Christ the Lord Is Risen Today
2. Amazing Grace
3. It Is Well
4. How Great Thou Art
5. Come Behold the Wondrous Mystery
6. Blessed Assurance
7. I Surrender All
8. Great Is Thy Faithfulness
9. Nothing But the Blood
10. A Mighty Fortress Is Our God

Let me know what you think, and what songs you are singing this Easter!


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