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Can’t Get No Satisfaction- NY Times Article

I came across a great article twice today that was in the New York Times. I came across it first from the blog and then second from the pastor of married ministry at my church. The article is about “burnout.”

Those of you in churches or ministries work a lot… you should read this article.

Print it out, go fill up your water glass or coffee cup. Then, shut your door most of the way (non-verbally communicating “leave me alone”) open iTunes/Radio/Classical/Whisperings (it is relaxing piano music) and put your feet up on your desk. Grab a pen and start reading. When people come by, tell them that your reading an article from the New York Times and it will impress them.

That is what I did… but no one came by…dang.


37 Signals- Signal vs. Noise

I have been trying to keep up with a blog that I am beginning to really like, called “Signal vs. Noise,” by 37 Signals.

Although it is a software company that writes a lot about innovation and business, a lot of what they say is laced with a great amount of wisdom. This blog also discusses efficient productivity and keeping the main thing the main thing, all of which are extremely important when it comes to ministry within an organization (church or parachurch).

In his latest post, Matt refers to Tom Asacker’s blog, where he quotes Roger Ebert. Ebert says, “A movie is not what it is about, but how it is about it.” This quote provides a lot to think about when considering media and ministry.

First, this statement seems so accurate with effective, fruitful ministry. Telling people about Jesus is so much more how we are about it, than just the “telling” part. I just returned from a mission trip to Ensenada Mexico. How we built the house, was so much more important than just building the house. We could have built it in record time, beat all of the other teams, etc. But, it was important to build it with a ministry that has a long-term vision for the local community and the family, with a desire to love on them as people.
How you tell the story of the Gospel (the heart in which you do it) is much more important than just telling it.

Secondly, this quote illuminates the art behind what our producers create. How they tell it is the art and I am glad the what is the story of Christ. It is nice that both are important.

For more insight from 37 Signals, check out their PDF book, Getting Real. A great read that all of us, here at the office, have enjoyed.


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