Worshiping in the Booth


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I love being on the graphics team at my church. I love being able to help people worship with easy to read lyrics that transition right when they need them to. I love choosing beautiful backgrounds that enhance worship and don’t distract. I love getting better at my role. One thing I didn’t really think I would love is my own worship on those Sundays.

I thought of it as a sacrifice. I’m so busy and focused on making sure the display is right for the churchgoers that I don’t really get to relax and worship myself. Sometimes I try to sing myself, but if I get too carried away worshiping with everyone, I will get lost and forget to transition at the right time. So I try not to do that. ​But it’s okay, I’m really glad I am able to serve in this way.

This past Sunday though I picked up on something, I think that I’ve felt before but never really stopped to consider. We were playing a new (to me) song called Good Good Father by Housefires. (Watch here, it’s really good!)

So I am adjusting the lyrics in ProPresenter in the morning, and running through the song with the band a bit later, and then running it again three more times during the services. I get to look at all the lyrics at once, over and over again, and these were sticking out to me:

You’re a good, good Father
It’s who You are
It’s who You are
It’s who You are

And I’m loved by You
It’s who I am
It’s who I am
It’s who I am

I became overwhelmed with emotion. I love worshiping on Sundays, but the lyrics just come and go and if I’m not really in the right place mentally or emotionally the lyrics don’t sink in like I think they should. But this Sunday they were just sitting there staring at me and they didn’t go away. Even when I had moved on to other slides for the church to sing the rest of the song, I was still seeing these and it was like it was being pressed into me whether I liked it or not, and these particular words meant a lot for me to hear at this particular time.

I think this has actually happened to me a lot on the Sundays I’ve run graphics. One or two verses in a song, or the chorus, will just stand out to me, and I see it over and over again and it just sits there on the computer screen no matter which lyrics are up on display. It’s really pretty awesome. I end up worshiping in a completely different way.


Smooth Seas Never Made a Skilled Sailor


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My church recently held a Worship Night, and I was asked to run the graphics in ProPresenter. I’ve been on the graphics team for about two years and am scheduled one or two times a month to run graphics for our three Sunday services. This was my first time running graphics for one of our events.

A few days before the event we had the rehearsal, and we had twelve songs scheduled. The rehearsal was running pretty late on a weeknight, so we stopped before running through the last two songs. I was pretty okay with that; I already knew one of them and could figure out the other in time. So I had every intention of running graphics for twelve songs. I had all the backgrounds and fonts updated to match our current sermon series, and I was mentally prepared and felt pretty good. Does anyone else get really nervous running graphics? I got butterflies when I first started, but have gotten pretty confident on Sundays. But I had butterflies again this night. Maybe because I’ve never done twelve songs in a row, or because it was more of a special event. I felt good though, I knew most of the songs pretty well.

So we get through the twelve songs and the last song chosen feels very much like a “last song,” so I’m ready for our worship leader to start praying, I even saw a few people were already leaving. Maybe they felt like that song felt like a “last song” too. But our worship leader doesn’t start praying. He starts singing something else. I quickly (and maybe a little bit frantically) searched for it in ProPresenter’s song database by typing in the title, really quickly hit “Apply All” to the current font so it would match everything else we’d done all night and found whatever slide they were on. So the worshipers missed a couple slides but now they were on track, and I think it was a song most people probably knew anyway. Whew, I was in the clear.

Not so fast. The band ended up doing about five or six extra songs on the fly. One of them, Bless The Lord (10,000 Reasons), for the life of me I could not remember the name of the song to search for it because it’s not the words in the first verse and I was a bit frazzled, but the director in the back helped me out and I got the lyrics going. All the extra songs were pretty popular and I think most people probably knew most of the words, and that’s probably why they chose those, but I still felt super unprepared, and guilty that the worshipers didn’t get to have all the lyrics on display, and every extra song had the lyrics come in two to three verses late.

I got faster each time though. Once I realized what was happening, I knew to search for the song as fast as I could and disregard changing the background in the middle of the song because that’s just a little too distracting. I tried not to beat myself up about worshipers not having all the lyrics and hope they all had their eyes closed anyway and probably didn’t even notice. And then I remembered this quote I stumbled across once: “Smooth seas never made a skilled sailor.”

I have a history of taking experiences like this and thinking I failed. And then seeing that failure and being really hard on myself about it, and in some cases I’ve refused to try that thing again. This is something I’ve learned though, that failure isn’t bad. It’s not toxic, it won’t kill me. Doing something difficult doesn’t mean you’re bad at it and shouldn’t do it again. It can actually be really helpful. When things don’t go the way you planned, when things aren’t “smooth”,  you adjust, you figure it out. I actually think I’m better at my role now on the graphics team. I know what to do in that situation now, and I can use that next time. Every time I’ve made a mistake since I’ve been running graphics for my church, I’ve learned from it and done better each time after.


Must-See Videos #3

This week’s must see videos include a unique ‘how-to’ for life, an inspiring and encouraging mini-movie, and another really sweet GoPro creation.

5 Ways To Live An Extraordinary Life – Bob Goff & Relevant TV

I love this video adapted from a Relevant article about Bob Goff. I think it can inspire us to live our lives with open hands.

360° Video Using 6 GoPro Cameras – Jonas Ginter

This video is just awesome. That’s all I really have to say about it.

The Threshold – Journey Box Media

I love this video, and the music Journey Box chose for it. This would be awesome for many different occasions, but I think would have an especially big impact at a baptism service.


Must-See Videos #2

This week’s must-see videos include a beautiful music video, a mini-movie perfect for the Lent & Easter season, and the best GoPro video I’ve ever seen ever.

My Lighthouse – Rend Collective Experiment

‘You are the peace in my troubled sea.’ This new video from Rend Collective is awesome, as well as the song, off their new album The Art of Celebration, available March 17th. I like it a lot. My favorite part is the shot with all the umbrellas in the water. And the clapping. I always love clapping.

Forsaken – Journey Box Media

I love this new Lent/Easter reflection video from Journey Box. As someone who has experienced seasons of doubt and pain, and also seasons of being very near to God, this video is an overwhelming comfort to me, especially when it cuts to Jesus himself, who can connect with us in our pain and remind us that he has overcome the world.

GoPro – Pelican Learns To Fly

Watch this baby Great White Pelican learn to fly for the first time! I have a deep affection for large birds. I could look through Google images of them all day long. I am so thankful that God made them for us to marvel at. They’re so beautiful. I love that this staff found a way to share this bird’s journey with us using the GoPro. This video is amazing, and hopefully inspiring for those of you with GoPros to think outside the box!


Must-See Videos #1

We’re always on the lookout for really great videos around here. In this series, we hope to share a few at a time with the hopes that it will inspire you as you create your own content. The first is a great teaching short, the second a powerful worship intro, and the third is just really stinking cool.

WHERE YOUR HOPE LIES from Relevant TV – Relevant Magazine has a sweet new area of the site called RTV. There you can find documentaries, shorts, music videos and more. We’ve seen some really cool stuff there and this is a new one we love from Pete Wilson:

AWAKEN ME from Brightside Creative – This new video is already the number one best seller at WorshipHouse Media. We love the creative visuals and the simple honesty of the prayer in this worship intro.

WALKING CITY from Universal Everything – If you have 8 minutes to spare this is definitely worth the time. We found this gem on Colossal, a curator site for some of the most incredible art and visual media from all over the world. This evolving video sculpture is simply fascinating.