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Buy More, Save More

CMB - Buy More Save More (2)

Ok. Go ahead. Rub your eyes one more time to make sure you’re seeing straight. But don’t run off for an eye exam (unless you need one). What you are seeing is correct. We are offering an AMAZING sale through the end of July. The more you buy, the more you save. Pretty cool right?! And this applies to all media (sorry, software is not included). So here’s my recommendation. Think through the rest of the year, go get some big ticket mini movies you may want, and hang on to them for that special day. Hey, everyone loves saving money, right?! Here are some big upcoming days for you to think about:

Summer Games

September 11

Halloween, Fall Festival, Trunk or Treat

Veteran’s Day



New Years

And yes, even some for Valentine’s Day while you’re at it

And have you been eyeing that one Easter Collection, but have been hesitant to pull the trigger? Well what better time than now?

So head on over to WorshipHouseMedia and take advantage of this sale!



July Free Media

CMB - July Free Media
Vacations. Heat waves. Humidity. Mugginess (yes it’s a word). Pool. Grills. Air Conditioning. Mosquitos. Thunderstorms. All those words can only mean one thing: FREE JULY MEDIA! That’s right. Come and get it. This month you’ll find a collection, some mini movies, a song chart and a video to download for free. Who could pass up a deal like this? So click on the links and go grab some free media!

Greyscale Glimmer Collection by Playback Media – Collection


The Facebook Trap by Second Look Films – Mini Movie


Wordcraft Ears to Hear by Summit Creative Company – Mini Movie


The Labels We Carry by BeecherFeature Productions – Mini Movie


Should’ve Been Mine by Seth and Nirva – Song Chart


Free Video Clip by Sammy – Stock Video



In Case You Missed It – 3 Tech/Media Opportunities

CMB - #icymi - 3 Tech Jobs3 jobs were just posted last week on ChurchStaffing that I want to make sure you are aware of. Be ready, however, to flex to your tech savvy media muscles, because if the Lord leads you to one of these jobs, then you’ll be serving anywhere from 3,000 to 7,500 people on a regular basis. Time to get your game face on. Here are the opportunities:

  • Creative Pastor/Director
    • Element Church – Wentzville, Missouri
    • In this role you will provide the strategic vision and leadership for the Message Development Team and the Media Department
  • IT Director
    • Real Life Church – Valencia, California
    • In this role you will be responsible for managing and providing leadership to all operations that involve the development and support of IT activities
  • Technical Director
    • Abundant Life – Lees Summit, Missouri
    • In this role you will set direction, cast vision and lead a dynamic ministry that helps Abundant Life tell a life changing story effectively.

If any of these roles feel like they fit your gift mix, then click on the title of the job and submit your application and see what happens.


#fbf – Are You Ready to Find Your Next Job

CMB - #fbf - job

This article should interest us all. Whoa whoa whoa. Slow down now. I’m not saying we are all ready to go out and look for a new job. This article takes us behind the scenes of an employer and shows us what they are looking for in a new employee. But let’s be real, read this article and tell me that if every employee exhibited these qualities, or at least a desire to grow in these areas, that our work place wouldn’t thrive. I know it would. This is a timeless article written by our very own Lisa Fife that can help each of us, yes find a new job, but also make us more solid, dependable, and valuable employees where we are at now.

#fbf – Are You Ready to Find Your Next Job



Fantastic Mini Movies from Igniter Media

CMB - Igniter Media (1)
Over at WorshipHouseMedia, we regularly get some seriously great content from so many producers! If you ever need some content for your service, I hope you’ll check the site out for some ideas. I wanted to highlight Igniter Media and shine a light on a few of their stand out mini movies. This group has been around for 13 years and are committed to challenging people to live lives that are grounded in the Truth. This group has produced some stellar mini movies and here are a few that I personally love:

The Mission Field by Igniter Media

This is a powerful mini movie that speaks to the heart of evangelism. This mini movie will challenge you and your congregation on our current perceptions about the mission field. For many, the thought of the mission field is for the elite. The super-gifted. Varsity. But that’s never how it was intended to be. Did the blind man in John 9:25 come with eloquent arguments or answers to all the questions? Nope. He simply shared his story.

“Whether he is a sinner I do not know. One thing I do know, that though I was blind, now I see.”

Johnny and Chachi Church Invite by Igniter Media

Open mouth and insert foot is all I have to say about this hilarious mini movie. Watch and see for yourself. This guy has a great heart, but boy oh boy, does he try too hard! Just when I think he’s got it…#fail! You’ll love this mini movie on inviting people to church.

Thankful by Igniter Media

Goodness gracious. If you’ve ever been unthankful in your life (I know I have), or taken things for granted (I know I have), or wondered if God cared (I know I have), or if God were even there (I know I have), then this mini movie is for you (and your congregation). It is a powerful reminder that by focusing on the huge ticket items in life (family, money, jobs, etc.) I can miss out on all those thousands of blessings that God blesses me with day in and day out.

That’s My King! by Igniter Media

Ok. Come on! I know you’ve at least heard this one. And I know every time you hear it, you get fired up! Well why not listen to the powerful, inspirational, encouraging, challenging, convicting words of Dr. S.M. Lockridge as he poetically proclaims the truth about our Lord, Jesus Christ. One thing to say, “I wonder. Do you know him?”

Because He Lives by Igniter Media

Challenge. Put headphones on. Watch this. And don’t stand up. You can’t do it! I couldn’t do it. And I’m in a cube right now, haha. This song just hits me in my core every time I hear it. What an amazing intro to service, call to worship, anything really. I love this one. Come on! Let’s worship Him!

He’s Still Risen by Igniter Media

Disclaimer. I highlighted this video A LOT during the Easter season. And I STILL think it’s one of the most powerful mini movies I’ve seen. Use this mini movie to knock the cob webs off our dusty faith. And please, please, please, please, please, don’t save the message of the resurrection for one Sunday a year. Let this be our message we proclaim every day of our lives.


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