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Integrating Planning Center Online with ProPresenter 6

propresenter-tipsProPresenter 6 offers tight integration with the services provided by Planning Center Online. If your church also uses Planning Center, you can import your service order and media directly into ProPresenter. Also, you can import your song arrangements so your song lyrics are always in sync with your worship team. This tutorial deals the various ways these two great Church offerings work together.

If you use Planning Center Online you can login to access service plans and to use Planning Center Live features. There are a number of settings available for Planning Center. These will be covered in more detail below.

Planning Center Online Playlist
You can connect to your organization’s PCO account two different ways. The first way to do this is to simply choose New PCO Playlist in the Playlist manager and login through the interface shown below. The second is through ProPresenter’s Services Preferences menu. This will be covered later as there are other settings available from there.

Anyone who can log into your organization’s PCO account can use this feature with their own credentials, or you can select remember me and allow everyone to use the same login. After you login, you will see a second window asking you to authorize ProPresenter to connect to your account.

Once you have connected to PCO and authorized your account to be used by ProPresenter, you will see a list of all the available services in PCO. This is also the window you will be taken directly to when you add future PCO Playlists in ProPresenter since you will already be connected to your account. Once you have found the service that you would like to add to ProPresenter, click on the plus (+) button in the lower-right corner.

During the import process, ProPresenter will attempt to find songs in your Library that match songs in the PCO playlist. If it finds files, it will automatically link them for you. If no matches are found, you will need to add the songs to ProPresenter and then link them to the PCO playlist.

The import process will also download any media that is a part of a PCO Service. Also, if you have specified a sequence for a song in Planning Center (for example: Verse 1, Chorus, Verse 2, Chorus), this sequence will be applied to the arrangement for a song in ProPresenter with the arrangement name “PCO Arrangement”.

After you have added a PCO playlist, you’ll notice there are several icons shown in the Playlist that aren’t available in a regular ProPresenter playlist. ProPresenter 6 can recognize the extra playlist elements that are available in Planning Center, making these playlists even more useful to you and your volunteers because you can add notes directly in the playlist.

One of the key parts of this feature is that your ProPresenter song files can be uploaded and stored in Planning Center for future use. Once ProPresenter has scanned your PCO playlist for changes, you will see an alert about attachments at the top of the playlist. Clicking on Attachments will allow you to upload or change files as needed in the playlist to reconcile ProPresenter and Planning Center. You can also right-click on the playlist name and choose Refresh if you need to update any files.

Once a ProPresenter presentation has been included in a PCO playlist, it’s considered Linked. If you realize that the wrong version of a song was linked to the PCO playlist, you can unlink it by clicking on the Unlink button. If a file is missing from the PCO playlist, you can add it by dragging the file from your Library into the area indicated. Also, as a new feature in ProPresenter 6, any media that is linked to an item in Planning Center will be downloaded to ProPresenter and linked in the playlist.

Planning Center Keys
If you use arrangements on your songs and you use Planning Center Online, then this feature can be used to speed up your process a bit, especially for new songs. This button doesn’t do anything if you’ve never created an arrangement in Planning Center. In fact, you will see this alert if you have no keys assigned to the Group you are selecting.

To use this feature, you will need to first log into and find your song in the “Songs” list. Click on the song name or the pencil icon to the right of the name to bring up the Song Information screen. At the bottom of this screen click on “Default Arrangement” or “add new arrangement”.

On the next screen you will drag the stanza names into the sequence list in the order than you want them arranged. This is similar to how you create a new arrangement in ProPresenter is you are already familiar with this process. When you are done, click on the “Save & Close” button. Be sure to add the song to your Planning Center plan that you will be importing. You are now ready to add the plan to ProPresenter.

You will need to be logged into Planning Center inside of ProPresenter as well on the Services tab in Preferences as well as having the “Make Arrangements from Sequences” option selected there.

Once you have added a song with PCO Keys, you can go into the Label preferences to review the keys. Select a group name from the list then click on the Planning Center Keys button. This will show you a list of all the keys assigned to that label. If you have assigned a key to an incorrect group you can select it then delete the key with the minus button in the list. The Planning Center sequence will be converted into a new ProPresenter 6 Arrangement that you can select just like any other arrangement.


Instructions from ProPresenter 6 manual 


It’s Join a Small Group Month

cmb-join-a-small-group-monthDid you know September is Join a Small Group month? Woo hoo! Let the celebrations begin!

Ok, ok, ok. You got me. It’s not. But here at the ChurchMedia Blog, we recognize how vital the role of small groups play in the life of the church and the life of the individual believer. God did not create us to be loners. He did not create us to go through life alone.

Look at the following verses. Can you see the point?

Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness.” – Genesis 1:26

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. – John 1:1-2

How else can we explain the 50+ “one-another” verses we find scattered through the New Testament? God has called us to go through this life together, supporting one another, serving one another, loving one another, caring for one another, and so on. So this is a perfect time to really place an emphasis on small groups and challenge the congregations to take part.

Let me also offer a word of encouragement. When you promote small groups, don’t just promote them as an option for anyone who is interested. Challenge people to join a group. Place a strong call on their lives to join a group. Lay out all of the reasons you can think of as to why they would not join a small group, and then counter them with why it is even more detrimental to go through life withOUT a small group. Don’t settle for people blowing off small groups due to a lack of time, fear, shyness, etc. Exhort them to take a step of faith and join a small group.

And they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers. And awe came upon every soul, and many wonders and signs were being done through the apostles. And all who believed were together and had all things in common. And they were selling their possessions and belongings and distributing the proceeds to all, as any had need. And day by day, attending the temple together and breaking bread in their homes, they received their food with glad and generous hearts, praising God and having favor with all the people. And the Lord added to their number day by day those who were being saved. – Acts 2:42-47

A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another. By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another. – John 13:34-35

Here’s a great mini movie by Hyper Pixels Media and a small group announcement pack from Dan Stevers that will be perfect to promote your churches small groups.  I’ve also included a couple of sermons that are great to study on the importance and Scriptural basis for small groups.

Join a Group Today by Hyper Pixels Media


Small Group Announcement Pack by Dan Stevers


Small Groups by Zach Terry

You Were Made for This! – Topical Sermon on Small Groups by Brian Fletcher


Using the Cue Palette in ProPresenter 6

propresenter-tipsThe Cue palette allows you to make multiple things happen when a slide is clicked. This is particularly helpful when setting up a loop of slides for something like announcements. You can also start a countdown, change the stage display, and show a new background all with one click. The Cue palette gives you powerful yet flexible options to customize each cue to fit your needs. This tutorial shows you how it works.

In ProPresenter 6, almost everything action can be added as a cue on a slide. The Cue Palette makes it easy to see these cues in one place, and it can be opened by rightclicking on any slide and selecting Add Cue > Communication Cue > Cue Palette.

Clear Cues allow a slide to clear a different slide layer. These function the same way as clicking one of the Clear buttons at the top left side of the toolbar.

Media Cues allow you to quickly add a Video, Image, Audio or Live Video cue to a slide.

Stage Display cues allow you to change to a pre-defined layout on the Stage Display. For example, at the beginning of a song, you could select the “Song” layout, but at the beginning of a teaching, you could select the “Teaching” layout.

MultiScreen cues allow you to change to a pre-defined MultiScreen layout.

Timer cues allow a slide to perform a specific action for any timer. The options are Start Timer, Stop Timer, Reset Timer, and Reset and Start Timer Communication module cues can be added by right-clicking on a slide and selecting Add Cue > Communication Cue.


Instructions from ProPresenter manual


Fall SALE Going On Now

cmb-fall-sale-going-on-nowDon’t miss out. WorshipHouse Media has got a sale going on and when I say sale, I mean a HUGE sale! Don’t wait on this one, it’s going to be over soon. Hyper Pixels Media has some great content on sale that is going to be great for your service. Click HERE and you will find 5 mini movies and 3 countdowns that are perfect for you to use this Fall. Here are some of the mini movies that you will find at the Fall sale:

Welcome To Church by Hyper Pixels Media

This is a great mini movie to help remind people what church is all about (Jesus!) and to help people feel welcome. It’s the perfect choice to prepare your congregation for worship as this video brings them back to the reason why they are even at church: to worship Jesus!

Sing to the Lord by Hyper Pixels Media

This mini movie uses Scripture from Psalm 33 and images of creation to help prepare your church for worship. Use this worship intro to remind your church that God is infinitely glorious and always worthy of our praise!

Fall Festival Promo by Hyper Pixels Media

Do you have a Fall Festival, Harvest Celebration, or Halloween alternative event coming up this Fall? If so, this is a wonderful mini movie for you to use to help promote your event.


Importing, Exporting, and Recording with ProPresenter 6

propresenter-tipsProPresenter offers a multitude of ways to bring in and share content. Some of these include outputting recordings, saving a document as images, importing and exporting documents, and using the playlist. Find out how to use each of these features in this tutorial.

To access the Import options, click on File>Import and choose the option you want to use. You can also drag files from the Finder directly to the Library or Video/Image Bin to start the import process. The different Export options are at the bottom of the File menu. You can also export files by right-clicking on the name and choose Export or dragging the presentation or playlist to a folder on your computer.

Import File
This option is used to import text files (.txt or .rtf) Word files (.doc or .docx), or other ProPresenter document files (.pro5 or .pro6). After selecting a file to import, you will be shown options for importing.

“Slides delimited by” allow you to specific a number of lines or paragraphs per slide, or to use a custom slide break marker in the source file. Regardless of which delimiter you use, the number placed in the “delimiter(s) per slide” determine when new slides are generated. If you have selected “Line Break” and enter “2”, you will end up with two lines on each slide, with respect for stanza breaks. Same with paragraphs. If you have used a customer delimiter such as “//” or “*” in your file, just type that into the “Slides delimited by” field.

The middle section allows you to update the size, category and template that will be used for the file you’re importing. You can also decide if you want the file to go to the Library, to just the selected Playlist, or to a new Playlist. If you choose New Playlist you’ll be prompted to enter a name. The button in the lower-left corner opens Slide Reflow.

Import Text from Clipboard
This option uses the same import options as Import File, but allows you to copy text from a website or a file such as a PDF or other file type not supported by ProPresenter and import it into the Library.

Import PowerPoint
If you have PowerPoint installed on your computer, you can convert PowerPoint files into formats ProPresenter can use. Once you have located the PowerPoint file that you want to convert, choose the option that you want to use before clicking Open. You can drag PowerPoint or Keynote files (Keynote must be installed as well) directly into a playlist. This does not convert the presentation, but creates a cue for the presentation that will launch the proper program so that you can quickly run your PowerPoint or Keynote file with full animations and transitions.

This option opens a new file browser window. Navigate to the video or image that you want to import and select it. The file will automatically be added to whichever bin or playlist is currently selected in the Video/Image Bin.

Import Library from Previous Version
This option will open a window showing the document library from ProPresenter 4 or ProPresenter 5 if there is an older version currently installed on your computer. This will allow you to select a library to import and convert to ProPresenter 6. Importing these files does not affect your previous files, so you can import the files while you are getting ProPresenter 6 configured without affecting the previous versions.

Export Document
There are several ways to export an individual document or multiple documents that have been selected.

As Bundle
Bundles are used to gather Library files and media files together into a single package that can be opened in ProPresenter on another computer running ProPresenter 6. If you select multiple songs in your Library, they will all be included in the same bundle along with the media. Importing bundle file will add the files to your Library.

As ProPresenter 5
This option exports the file for use in ProPresenter 5.

As ProPresenter 6
This option exports the file natively for use on another computer running ProPresenter 6.

As Plain Text
This option will export the select presentation(s) as a plain text file with a .txt extension. This export method strips all formatting except line and paragraph breaks.

As Slide Images
This option will export each slide in the document as a JPEG image (with slide background) or PNG image (without slide background).

Export Templates
ProPresenter 6 makes it easy to export templates to be used on another computer. Instead of having to search through the Finder to find these files and manually add them on another computer, you can export specific templates to a single bundle file. When you double-click this file on another computer, the templates will be imported and be available for immediate use.

Export Playlist
This option will export the selected playlist. When you export a playlist you can choose to include the media with the playlist if you want. Importing a playlist on another computer will rebuild the playlist exactly the way it is on the original computer. Playlists can also be exported by right-clicking on the playlist name, or dragging the playlist name to a folder on your computer.

Record Output
ProPresenter 6 now allows you to record everything shown on ProPresenter’s Output Window directly to a file. The filename should be specified in the target box.

You can select between four codec options: ProRes 422 LT, ProRes 422, ProRes HQ, and ProRes Proxy. There is also an option to select the size of the recording. There are a few common video sizes listed, but you can also specify that the recording should match the size of your ProPresenter output.

Lastly, you can select whether to record 30 or 60 frames per second. Pressing the record button in the bottom right will begin recording. When you are ready to stop recording, press stop and a file will be created at the specified target.


Instructions from ProPresenter 6 manual 


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