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How to Stream Live Video with ProPresenter 6

propresenter-tipsDo you want to use ProPresenter to stream live video? Do you also want to display song lyrics over your live video? Great news! Once your hardware is in place, it’s easy to do. This tutorial explains how to set up your live video feed with ProPresenter and how to add graphics as an overlay.

ProPresenter supports a live video feed over SDI or USB 3.0. It no longer supports camera inputs that use Firewire. ProPresenter officially supports Blackmagic Design video interfaces, although other devices may work. They can only provide support for Blackmagic Design hardware as that is all they have tested.

Video Device
Select the input device for your video source. This can be the FaceTime camera, an external camera, or a software “camera” like CamTwist or ManyCams.

Audio Device
Select the audio source (if needed) to be used with your camera.

Preserve Aspect Ratio
This prevents your camera input from being stretched full-screen if your output resolution and the camera resolution don’t match.

Use the Cue Palette
You can use the cue palette to put a video start cue on a slide so that the video will begin automatically on that slide. Similarly, you can use a cue on a slide to stop the video.


Instructions from ProPresenter manual


Things to Do Now to Prepare for Christmas Service

cmb-preparing-for-christmas-nowSeveral years ago, Scott Pharr wrote a tremendous article worth sharing again. This article focuses on the things that you can be doing right now to prepare for your Christmas Eve/Christmas morning services. Scott highlights 10 specific steps that you can be taking right now to be prepared for your services.

One particular point that stood out to me is when Scott mentions that while it is crucial to spend extra time planning for the Christmas services, we cannot neglect the services post-Christmas. This is a game changer because people tend to come out of the wood work for Christmas and Easter. So one thing to keep in mind is whether we are prepared for engaging with them after Christmas. These are 10 great points that are sure to get you thinking as we head towards Christmas day.

10 Things You Should Do Right Now to Prepare for Your Christmas Services



Creating Countdowns, Clocks, & Timers in ProPresenter 6

propresenter-tipsYay! There is now the freedom to use as many clocks and timers as you’d like in ProPresenter 6. But how do you harness all that extra power to do something productive?

The clocks module serves two purposes. The primary purpose is controlling clocks that are seen only on the stage display. The second is controlling countdown clocks that can be shown on the stage display, in a Message, or both.

Access the clocks
To access the clocks module, customize the toolbar to add the Clocks icon, select it from the View menu, or use Control + C on your keyboard.
The clocks module serves two purposes. The primary purpose is controlling clocks that are seen only on the stage display. The second is controlling countdown clocks that can be shown on the stage display, in a Message, or both.
Current Time Format
This allows you to choose the way you want to display the system clock in ProPresenter. You can then add an unlimited number of countdown clocks by pressing the plus button at the bottom right of the Clocks window. Each of these clocks can be set to Count Down Timer, Count Down to Time or Elapsed Timer.

What do all these options mean?
If you change the time, click the reset button to the left of the clock to update the time.
Clicking Stop will end the clock.
Over Run allows a clock to continue running past zero.
The buttons at the bottom will start, reset, or stop all of the clocks simultaneously.
If you want to change the Clock module to a floating window, click on the icon in the top right corner.
To return it to a docked position, click on the same corner again.

A count down timer is a standard countdown clock that runs for a given amount of time.
The count down to time timer allows you to indicate a specific time of day of countdown to.
The elapsed timer allows you to count up from a specific time, keeping track of the total time.


Instructions from ProPresenter manual


How to Sync Locally Across Multiple Computers

propresenter-tipsThis ProPresenter 6 Tutorial walks you through how to perform a sync on a local area network when you have multiple ProPresenter machines that you wish to keep the same content on. This way you can access the same content from your office as your church sanctuary.

In order to sync your media files, you must have selected Manage Media Automatically from the Media Repository settings on the General tab in Preferences. Media that is added to ProPresenter with bundles is automatically placed in this repository, but media that you add to ProPresenter is not automatically located here. Sync is only able to move media files in this location. Hot Folders are also excluded from the sync.

Before you can even begin syncing, you will need to have a central folder for everything to be stored. This needs be a dedicated folder in a shared directory or on an external drive that is used just for syncing.

Once you have your central folder in place, use the “Sync files up” option on one computer to create the necessary sync folders and to copy the data. You will have up to five folders in your sync folder. After the sync is complete, you can use any of the sync options. If you are setting up additional computers to match the first one, you would select the central folder and choose “Sync files down” to move the files to that computer. In the future you would probably use “Bidirectional sync”.

Sync files down from repository
This will move files from the Source to your computer.

Sync files up to repository
This will move files from your computer to the Source.

Bidirectional sync
This will look for differences between your computer and the Source and sync those files. If a newer version of a file is detected, you will be shown a prompt alerting you that the older version is being replaced.

Replace My Files
This will replace the files in the destination folder regardless of the timestamp on files. This option isn’t available on Bidirectional sync. This only affects files that exist in both locations. If “File A” is not in both the local and the sync directory, it will either be added to the destination or left alone. If “File B” exists in both the local and sync directory, the file coming from the source of the will be used even if it’s older than the one in the destination.

Note: Files that are deleted in one location are not deleted in the other locations when syncing. If you have deleted a song from Computer 2, and use Sync Down or Bidirectional Sync, the file you deleted will be added back to your computer. This Sync method only looks at the current file list to determine what needs to be synced each direction.


Instructions from ProPresenter manual


12 Days of Christmas

cmb-12-days-of-christmasMerry Christmas everyone! I hope your Christmas season is off to a wonderful start. I love that we have this time, this season, to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Christmas morning is definitely an exciting day to celebrate, but let’s not forget to really meditate on what the birth of Christ means in our lives and in our world for these next several weeks.

As far as church media goes, today is a big day. Today is the beginning of the 12 Days of Christmas! Various producers have partnered with WorshipHouseMedia  to give away 12 downloads of FREE worship media for your church. You’ll find mini movies, church countdowns, song tracks, and worship backgrounds that are perfect for you to use any season of the year. So be sure to click on the link and check out these great giveaways!

12 Days of Christmas


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